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Easington School, c. 1932-33

Easington School, c. 1932-33

This photograph of the pupils of Easington school was taken at the village hall.  Mr. Graham has managed to remember many of the names:-

R.Simpson, T.Hardy, Rev. Reed, F.Welford, N.Rowland, R.Welford (teacher), ?Askwith, A.Codling, W.Brown, E.Parker, ? ? Bignal, Bell, ?, M.Bishop, Dawson, Marshall, Kirby, P.Bell, Z.Bishop, Dawson, T.Welford, Young, M.Bishop, ? ? ? M.Roland, P.Gegg, ? Brignall, Parker, Young, Sigsworth, Tose, ? ? ? ? ? Stevenson, Stainthorp, J.Wilson, ? Cook, C.Young, E.Simpson, Donaldson, C.I.Graham, ?, Gegg, Sigsworth

The teacher, R.Welford, was a stand-in for a few weeks.  W.J.B.Patterson was the headteacher.  The local policeman was called Mr. Gegg.

Thanks to Mr. Colin Ivor Graham for the photograph and all the names.

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