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Footballers Of 1953/54

Footballers Of 1953/54

A photo loaned to us by Eric Rowe shows the school football team of 1953/54 some of the names are:-
Back row: Mr Temple, Billy Pearson, Barry Lancaster, Brian Yeoman, Alec Cuthbert, Eric Husband, Billy Bell, Mr Snowdon.
Front row: Albert Breckon, Desmond Rogers, John Winspear, George Wilson, Derick Smith, Eric Rowe, Maurice Myers.

Thanks to Derick Pearson Jean Hugill(Ferrer) for updates.

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  • Derick Pearson

    The one next left to Mr Snowdon is Billy Bell, who lived at Bells Huts Carlin How and went to either South Africa or Australia many years ago possibly early 1960s. The one directly in front was I believe a Myers of Railway Terrace Carlin How however this will need confirmation. The Mathews second left back row , could it be Richard? if not how about Barry Lancaster?

  • Jean Hugill(nee Ferrer

    Derick is correct Maurice Myers lived Railway Terrace Carlin How & went to schoolwith me.

    The boy at the back is Barry Lancaster a twin of Marie a school friend of mine still living in Carlin How.

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