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Steam Trawler Caulonia ashore once again at Redcar 25th February 1915. Geoff Ayre tells us: ”I remember in the 1950s going on a pleasure boat (i.e. fisherman’s boat) and at low tide stuck on the rocks was the bow of a ship. Later destroyed, as I heard the ship blown up owing to ships heading for the mouth of the Tees being drawn toward the wreck whilst waiting for the tide.” If any body can assist with a date for destruction, the Archive would be grateful.

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday, thanks to Geoff Ayre for the additional information.

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  • geoff ayre

    i remember in the 50s going on a pleasure boat ie fishermans boat and at low tide stuck on the rocks was the bow of aship the rest destroyed when tide was in no sign of ship

    heard later ship blown up due to ships heading for tees beaing drawn toward it to wait for tide

    anyone with more info

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