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Loftus Senior School 1947/48

Back row: John Morrish, Dougie Upton, Keith Partlett, Ray Craggs, Billy Wrightson.

Middle row: Mrs Best, Derek Trattles, Ronnie Leist, John Dale, Don Elliott, Sylvia Ward, ? Whitlock, Ernie Hogan, Colin Ward, George Walker, Gordon Winspear, Mr H Norminton.

Front row: Joan Bibby, June Pearson, Lorna Nicholson, Margaret Graves, Joan Sanders, Mary Coverdale, June Hudson, Joyce Oglesby, Gwendoline Rowe.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, any help with missing names would be appreciated.

Loftus Senior School – 1946/7

Back row: Donald Yeoman, Vernon Snow, Donald Hogan, Alan Atkinson, Eileen Bard, Sheila Pearson, Norman Cockburn, Geoff Hicks, Brian Grey, Geoffrey Todd.

Middle row: Miss Featherstone, Ruth Ainsley, Joanne Harrison, Rita Smith, Ann Mitchell, Brenda Ditchburn, Joan Allinson, Gina Mead, Margaret Mathews, Eunice Foster, Hannah Cook, Marjorie Lightfoot, Mr Harold Norminton.

Front row: Margaret Warrell, Edna Tebble, Pauline Blades, Iris Stott, Ann Hodge, Hazel Hogarth, Brenda Riley, Brenda Shepherd, Joan Smith.

Image Courtesy of Marian Toulson.

Loftus Senior School – Class 3a – 1946

Now identified as Class 3a in November 1946! But we still need help with missing names.

Back row: Morris Hill, Morris Jackson, ?? , George Hodgson, Dickie Noble.

Middle row: Colin Atkinson, Kathleen Thompson, Iris Agar, ?? , Rita Hall, Peggy Pearson, Hilary Richardson, John Barret, ?? , Mr Harold Norminton.

Front row: Jean Forsythe, ?? , Margaret Hodgeman, Ada Barker , Doreen Magor, Lorna Chipchase, Joan Waite, Lilian Hume, June Walker (later Yarker).

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Katherine Yarker and Sheila Harris for the updates.

Loftus Senior School (Wartime Staff)

The caption on the reverse of this photograph bears the legend ”Wartime staff and two junior staff) hence the (J).

Back Row: Mrs Halketh, Mr Harrison, Miss K Featherstone, Mrs Readman (J).

Front Row: Mr Gornall, Mr Davy, Mr Harold Norminton, Mrs Hope (J), Miss Johnson (later Mrs Best).

Following original posting of this image a query arose from Mike Hopper regarding: “Norminton’s sweet shop down Station Road”. Barbara McBurney told us: “Mr Harold Norminton was Headmaster at Loftus County Modern School, but there was a sweet shop down Station Road called Norminton’s years ago, I think it is possible that Mr Norminton’s wife used to run it, I think the shop was also owned at one time by a lady called Muriel Cox.”

Image courtesy of Loftus Library, also thanks to Mike Hopper and Barbara McBurney for updates.

Loftus Senior School 1939/40

Loftus Senior School - 1939-40.-1

Back Row: Ken Hodgson, Alfie Bennett, Dee Hopkin, Harold Lindsey, Ken Hutchinson, Dennis Cuthbert, Ken Magor, Derek Stow, Les Winspear, George Turner, Ivan Gallilee.

Third Row: Edie Marley, Thelma Dohring, Dennis Codling, Ken Hodgson, ?? , Pam Ramsay, Les Jefferys, William Richards, Gordon Clark, Frank Graham, Jack Hicks, Morris Potter, Nancy Hopper, Vera Cole, Sadie Crystal.

Second Row: Dorothy Cuthbert, Eileen Johnson, Dorothy Breckon, Gladys Robinson, Hazel Wilkin, ?? , Sylvia Chipchase, Irene Wood, Joyce Stamford, ? Robinson, Elsie Ashton, Pegg Jackson, Doris Lindsey.

Front Row: Isabel Codling, Gwen Garbutt, Mary Verrrill, Lena Gibson, Myrtle Dobson, Veronica Bull, Joan Hugill, Kath Brough, Rita Wilkin, Margery Skelton, Edna Scott, Doreen Noble, Doreen Marks, Ruth Hicks.

Now believed to be pre 1940, (thanks to Denis Codling’s daughter). Can anybody help with the last few missing names?
Image courtesy of Loftus Library and many thanks to all who contributed names.

Loftus Senior School Athletics Team 1938

Back row: C. Brown, N. Bowers, ? Thompson, Alan Hopper, ??, S. Potter, Denis Codling, Dennis Cuthbert, H Chadwick.

Front row: B. Ditchburn, Dorothy Cuthbert, Brenda Varty, Mildred Verrill, Joyce Oglesby, Iris Marks, Grace Oglesby.

Image and names to date courtesy of Brenda Horness.

Loftus Senior School Shinty Team 1938

Back row: Violet Pritchard, Joyce Oglesby, Dorothy Cuthbert, Margaret Gibson, Kathleen Watson.

Front row: Iris Marks, Grace Oglesby, Nancy Watson, Brenda Varty, Mildred Verrill, Irene Wood.

Image and names courtesy of Brenda Horness.

Loftus Senior School Netball Team 1938

Back row: Marion Richardson, Violet Pritchard, Cath Watts.

Front row: Mildred Verrill, Nancy Watson, Brenda Varty, Margaret Reynolds.

Image and names courtesy of Brenda Horness.

Loftus Senior School Athletics Team 1937

Back Row: Ken Anderson, Stan Yeoman, Will Dobson, George Hoggarth.

Middle Row: Dorothy Sanderson, Alan Hopper, Cyril Beedle, Mervyn Wood, John Foster, Tony Waller, Joan Linton, Irene Wood.

Front Row: Amy Raistrick, Myra Campbell, Brenda Varty, Margaret Reynolds, Emily Goldby.

Image and names courtesy of Brenda Horness.

Loftus Senior School Football Team 1932/33

Winners of the North Riding Shield (Donnison Cup) which they played at North Skelton.

Back Row: Mr Jack Bowles, Mr Miles Mourne, Billy Cuthbert, Lewis Matthews, Ernie Wood, Joe Fenby, Harry Webster, Mr French (Headteacher), Mr Bert Davy.
Middle Row: Billy Dobson, John Cockburn, Ben Scott, Jackie Legg, Ivor Stonehouse.
Front: Tom Kitching, Ronnie Barrett.
The strips were bought by the Golden Lion, hence the logo on the shirts. Who says PFI is a new idea? Eric Johnson tells us: ”With regards to the cup in the photograph, a newspaper clipping dated 19/5/33 states: “by beating Margrove Park 2-1 at North Skelton in Cleveland last night, Loftus boys won the Donnison Cup. Dobson and Stonehouse scored for Loftus and E. Weatherill for Margrove Park.’ Bill Kitching tells us: “Tom Kitching front kneeling. My brother – I went to this match at North Skelton. Tom served in HM submarines and was awarded the D.S.M. as Chief E.R.A.” Eric Johnson also advises: “The strip the team worn was black with red collar and pocket bearing the golden lion.”

Image courtesy of Loftus Library, many thanks to Bill Kitching and Eric Johnson for the updates.