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Loftus County Modern School Awards

Two for the price of one! The first newspaper cutting shows some of the prefects of Loftus County Modern School with some of the trophies won that year. Geoffrey Spearpoint, Barry Matson, Brenda Miller, Linden Lambelle, Anne Kilvington, John Knaggs, Edwin Warrell, Neil Theaker?, ??, Gillian Preston, Della Burdett, Ivor Swain, Terry Blades, ??, Mavis Tyreman, Jean Johnson, Michael Mathews.

The second cutting shows some of the schools prize winners, too many to name but I am sure if you look hard you will find someone you know or maybe even yourself. Speech day and prize giving was often held in the Regal Cinema, Market Place, Loftus (sadly the Regal has long been demolished, to be replaced by shops and a group of houses which now occupy it’s space).

Image from cuttings originally published in The Northern Echo.

Speech Day 1954

The caption under the cutting tells of the occassion, some  of the pupils from left to right are: Myra Clark, Terry Grey, ?? , Jimmy Fishlock, Della Burdett, Terry Blades, Judith Anne Dobson, and Peter Campbell.  Do you know the names opf the remaining pupils?  Please tell.

Image courtesy of Della Archer and thanks to Peter Dobson for update on names.)

Loftus County Modern School – 1956 – Folk Dance Club

Back Row: Frank Chapman, Barry Swales, Christopher Williams, Peter Dobson, Sheila Emmerson, Wilf Hodge, Eric Bailes, John Dobson.

Middle Row: June Baldwin, Barbara Carter, Veda Todd, Jean Warrell, Hazel Liddell, Norma Liddell, Pauline Ferguson.

Front Row: Guy Dale, Barry Smithies.

Image and names courtesy of Eric Johnson, Christine and Maurice Dower.

Folk Dancers

A little bit grainy but it is from a newspaper cutting; the caption with image read: “Loftus County Modern School team won the sword dancing event in the York group of the National Folk Dance and Song Society’s competitions at York on Saturday.” Sadly the Archive didn’t know which Saturday but would guess about 1953/54, the names of those present are: Anne Kilvington, Sheila Wren, Audrey Magor, Della Burdett, Pat Collins, Dorothy Rouse, Pat Kidd, Joan Money, Sheila Mead, Anne Wilson, Gillian Preston, Neil Theaker, Edwin Warrell, Barry Matson, with one name missing the second girl on the back row, please let us know if you are out there or does anyone else know the missing girl’s name?

Eric Johnson commented: “The older gentleman back row far right, is Arthur Marshall (musician).

Image courtesy of Audrey Winspear, thanks to Eric Johnson for the update.

A Blast From The Past

On 4th March 1955, these pupils from Loftus County Modern School danced at Darlington, as the Northern Echo reported.

Back row: Terry Blades, Edwin Warrell, Neil Theaker, Tony Trattles, Barry Matson, Jimmy Fishlock.
Front row: Wendy Coxon, Anne Wilson, Sheila Mead, Anne Kilvington, Dorothy Hodge and Dorothy Rouse.
Now I have been reading about the sword dancers in some of the newspaper cutting loaned by Della and there was an exhibition in the County Modern School and one of the photos was from 1892 Loftus Sword Dance Team, does anyone have that photograph PLEASE?

Image courtesy of Della Archer, from a Northern Echo cutting.

Loftus Senior School Cricket Team 1956

Loftus Senior School Cricket Team were East Cleveland  Cricket Cup Winners in 1956; final match score for the season was Lingdale 45 all out, Loftus 47 for 7. On the day this photograph was taken missing from the team was Ted Crake (who was ill that day!).

Back Row: Eric Bailes, Mr Harold Norminton, Peter Dobson, Mike Pearson, Derek Cuthbert, Mr Malcolm Grattan, Neil Dale.

Front Row: George Dix, Eric Johnson, Mike Batchelor, Mike Pearson, Bob Goldby.

Image and names courtesy of Eric Johnson.

Loftus County Modern School (1961 – Football)

Back row: George Goodchild, John Jackson, Edgar Noble, Colin Mead, Raymond Furness, Tony Dye, Mr Malcolm Gratton.

Front row: Barry ‘Emo’ Emmerson, Alan Pearson, David Bateman, Michael Bateman, Brian Tyreman, Richard Webster, Alan Lightburn.

Image courtesy of Joan Jemson, thanks to Norman Patton, Tony, Barry Emmerson, Colin Hart and Carole Walker for names (also many thanks to Barry Emmerson for correcting the date on this post when first placing on site! – whoops).

Loftus Senior School Football Team 1950-1

Shown as the team in 1950 – 51. Back Row: Brian Shaw, Maurice Walker, T. Fletcher, Fred Shaw, Eric Jones, ??.

Front Row: Mr Bert Davy, Terry Boyes, Don Locker, Brian Tindale, Jim Crooks, Walter Crags, Mr Maurice Stephenson.

Can anybody help with the missing or queried names?

Loftus Senior School – 1952 – PE Team

An obviously posed and possibly painful photograph.

Back row: Ray Powell, Keith Smith, ?? , Keith Whitlock, ?? , Donald ? , Barry Breckon.

Middle row: Eric Tyreman, Ian Davidson, ?? , ? Laverick, Colin Riley, Eric Jones.

Front row: John Starsmore, Terry Cowan, Fred Shaw, ?? , George Winspear, Brian Shaw, Raife Breckon, Maddy Craggs.

Can anybody help with missing names?

Loftus Senior School 1948

Top row: Mr H Norminton, Geoff Todd, Doug Flatters, Richard Wilson, George Harrison?, Alan Jefferson, Donald Hogan, Billy Wrightson, John Morrish, Donald Yeoman, Mr Norman Lee.

Middle row: Barbara ?, ?? , Joan Harrison, Mary Coverdale, Ann Edwards, Avis Calvert, Mae Pell, Marina Pierson, Nora Pell, Lena Porritt.

Front row: ? Covell, Winifred Jackson, June Pearson, Mary Verrill,  Sheila Pearson, June Hudson, Rosemary Hicks, ? Cuthbert, Joan Smith.

Image courtesy of Brenda Lightfoot and thanks to Anne Norminton for dating and update on names.