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Book Presentation

I’m fairly certain that the original photograph has the details of who is who and why and where, but I’ll throw it open to the floor to tell me who these people are, what the occasion was, and where it was. Hint is that the reverse of the photograph indicates  Presentation to Head Boy and Girl: with Mr Norminton, Mr Tidman looking on. R: Mr Tidman, Harold Norminton, ??, ??, ??

Of course if you are either of the two youngsters in the image then it should all be fairly easy for you!

Schools Quiz Final

The cutting tells all, although our editor thinks they have got the names in the wrong order.
Back row: Peter Campbell and Michael Cornforth.

Front row: Geoffrey Spearpoint and Judith Trowsdale.

Did they win?

Image courtesy of Della Archer.

Loftus County Modern School Staff

We’re not quite sure of all the teachers’ names in this photograph, please help.

Back row:  Mrs. Nellist (secretary), Miss R. Ward (later Mrs. R. Unthank),  Miss Allanson Mr. Ward, Mr. Lee, ??, Mavis Hall (pianist and singing teacher), Miss Elaine Jacobs, Mrs. Norminton

Front row: Mr. Howard, Mrs. Gornall, Mr. Davey, Mr. Norminton (headmaster), Mrs. Best, Mr. Stephenson, Miss Rivett  

Barbara McBurney tells us: “The teacher to the right of Mrs R Unthank I believe is a young Miss Allanson!”, whilst Anne Norminton told us: “The person to the right of Mrs Norminton was,  briefly on the staff and called so Elaine Jacobs.”


Image courtesy of Mrs. R. Unthank, thanks to Barbara McBurney and Anne Norminton for updated names.

Loftus County Modern School Band (1961)

Back row: David Willis, Geoff Todd, Dennis Bowers, Keith Morrison, Eric Trembath, Ian Pearson, Eric Jackson, David Morris, Ian Goodwill, Ian Legg, Richard Shippey, Graham George.

Middle row: Geoff Collinson, Brian Parker, Nev Rogerson,  Geoff Robinson, William Boal, Dave Craggs, Kenneth Wilkinson, Richard Oglesby, John Chipchase, Ray Brown, Alan Walker, Keith Steyert, John Dale, David Archer.

Front row: Roy Garrett, Richard Webster, Leslie Jackson, Mike Robinson, Mr. Drew, Arthur Stone (Band Leader), Mr. Norminton, Mr. Chipchase, Dave Magill, Keith Ferguson, Mike Morrison, Barry Winspear.

On the floor: Thomas Bradley, Barrie Yardy.

Image and names courtesy of Raymond Brown, Kenneth Wilkinson, Eric Willis and Eric Trembath.

Loftus County Modern School Band (c.1962)

Loftus County Modern School Band believed to be on Coronation Road, Loftus; about 1962. Raymond Brown says: ”I can still name a few of the Gents/Lads on the picture but some names I’m afraid have gone after so many years.
From right to left up the nearest side: Arthur Stone (Band leader), Tony Patton, Ian Legg, Keith ?, ??, Geoff Robinson, Mike Robinson.
The gentleman on the far left (with flat cap) is Henry Rawlins, to his right is ? Ferguson and leading the band on the march is the School caretaker Mr. Mead (never knew his Christian name), closely followed by Richard Webster, I’m in there somewhere on the Tenor Horn – someone out there will no doubt add some more names. As you can see the amount of lads that are ”out of step” we needed some ”Square Bashing” and Mr. Mead soon knocked us into shape on the parade ground – THE SCHOOL YARD!!!!”

Image and notation courtesy of Raymond Brown.

Loftus Footballers 1933/4

Loftus Senior School Football Team of 1933/34, in the familiar strip sponsored by the Golden Lion (believed originally black shirts with red collars and yellow/golden lion emblem. But do you recognise anyone in the photograph?

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, updates courtesy of Derick Pearson and Eric Johnson.

Loftus County Modern School (1956 – Form 3A)

Back Row: Eric Bailes, Robin Bielby, Peter Dobson, James Hough, Ronald Allinson, ?? , Patrick Kilvington, Wilf Hodge, Christopher Williams.

Middle Row: Mike Hodgson, Eric Johnson, Valerie Jackson, Brenda M. Brignall, Maureen Cook, Margaret Whitwell, Ruth Simpson, Christine Norminton, Michael Matson, Peter Ellwood, John Jefferson, Mr John Howard.

Front Row:Barbara Shields, Barbara Marshall, Veda Todd, Jean Worrell, Sheila Emmerson, Norma Liddell, Hazell Liddell, Margery Butler, ??.

Can anybody assist with missing names?

Image and names courtesy of Eric Johnson.

Loftus County Modern School (1956 – Form 2B)

Loftus County Modern School (1956 – Form 2B)

Back Row: Herbie Holliday, Robert Jackson, Barry Starsmore, Michael Knight, John Temple, Fred Wetherill, Keith Cook, William Tindall, Gordon Simpson, David Scott.

Third Row: Barry Johnson, John Mead, Peter Clark, June Jefferson, Ron Partridge, Sheila Cornforth, Florence Hewison, Dulcie Lightfoot, Margaret Morley, John Swales, Terry Clark, Mrs Spellman.

Second Row: Jean Durber, Gloria Stuart, Sheila Oglesby, June Lines, Glenda ? , Mary Harrison, Margaret Cummins, Valerie Smith, Elsie Hunter.

Front Row: Roger Hall, Terry Kentfield, Colin Foster, Alistair Bales.

Many thanks to Mel and Alan  for assistance with names.

Big Boys ‘N’ Girls Now

At last, up into the senior school joined by pupils from Ellerby and Staithes  this class of 41 children’s first teacher is Mrs Best.

Back row: Lawrence Bibby, Peter Best, Bob Goldby, Linden Lambelle, Michael Mathews, Richard Jackson, Edwin Warrell, Kenneth Greening.

Fourth row: Jimmy Fishlock, Barry Mason, Mavis Tyreman, Mary Young, Jean Johnson, Maureen Pearson, John Thornton, Neil Theaker.
Third row: Ann Wilson, Heather Ironside, Della Burdett, Masie Hewison, Dorothy Rouse, Joy Pledger, Ann Shaw, Ann Kilvington, Audrey Magor, Joan Money, Sheila Mead.
Second row: Dorothy Maudsley, Pauline Cook, Pat Collins, ??, Mrs Best, Gillian Preston, Sheila Cowan, Margaret Steyert, Dorothy Featherstone.
Front row: Brian Grey, William Summerson, Colin Craggs, Terry Blades, Leslie Smith, Clive Cummings.
Only one name to find – who is she?

Loftus County Modern (1956 – Staff)

Back Row: Mrs Spellman (Art), Miss Rivet, Mr Malcolm Gratton (Geography and P.E.), Mr Norman Lee (Science), Mr Maurice ”Zac” Stephenson (English/Technical Drawing), Mr Ward (Science), Miss M Tranter (Girls P.E.), Miss Rita Ward (later Mrs Unthank).

Front Row: Mrs H Nellist (Secretary), Mr John Howard (History), Mrs Best (R.E. and Music), Mr Harold Norminton (Head Teacher), Mr Bert Davy (Deputy Head/Mathematics), Mrs Gornall (Domestic Science), Mr Gornall (Woodwork).

Memories of the staff include; Maurice Dower: “My memories from this group are of happy times. I remember that we christened Mr. Ward as Mr. Fud because of the way he pronounce ‘food’. Mr. Howard had a unique way of teaching history and still recall his tales of ‘Jake Cowhouse of Staithes’. My best memories are of Bert Davy who helped me an awful lot.”; Eric Johnson: “Malcolm Gratton married Joan Foster (girls P.E. teacher)” and Marjorie Magor: “I remember having Mrs Best as my 3rd year form teacher. One day she asked me to the front of the class “I nearly died”’ she enquired as to why my mother was down as next of kin and not my father. I told her my dad had died during the summer holidays. From then on she was so very kind to me and often asked if I wanted to talk about any worries I may have. The point I am making is; some of today’s pupils will have a more complicated “kinship” and having your mother listed as next of kin won’t bring about any queries.”

Thanks to Joan Jemson and Peter Laverick for specialist subjects; also thanks to Maurice Dower, Eric Johnson and Marjorie Magor for those memories.