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Football Team – Dave Willey, Early 1900′s

Who was Dave Willey and is he on the photograph, if so which one is he?  I would be very grateful if anyone could tell the names of an of the men pictured here, or where the photograph  was taken. Derick Pearson commented: “I named it Dave Wiley and team. Dave Wiley was an aged gentleman, he lived in Bells Huts with Sarah his wife who was born there and died there. She was the last resident in those Huts living at Number one. Sarah showed me and some other youngsters this and other photographs; this photograph I obtained many years later was I felt sure a copy of the one I had seen at her home. Hence the name, I put it on display in the 1983 Exhibition but no one confirmed or denied it. Dave is the one in the centre behind the ball if this is one Sarah showed us.”

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, also contained in a compilation by Derick Pearson in 1983, thanks to Derick Pearson for the update.


Another image which causes questions; but judging by the youthfulness of the footballers, it could be a junior school or senior school team. A trophy might have given a possible competition. I guess these were the winners, judging by the crowd of spectators in the background, but which team, what was the occasion and who were they?

Who, What, Where, When?

We have no ideas about this photograph, we can surmise it is a football team, but after that nothing. Can you help us put names to these faces please?