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1st St. Helen’s Troop, B.P. Boy Scouts Football Team (1919-20)

B.P. stands for Baden Powell and the team are shown on Carlin How football field!

Anybody care to put any names to the faces?

Back Row: Charlie Watts, ??, ??, ??, ??, George Lishman Franks, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Front Row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Image courtesy of Alan Franks and the Pem Holliday Collection.

Bury Cup Winners (1912/13)

Skinningrove Works Fitters team, Bury Cup Winners 1912/13.

Back row: Mr Ernest Bury, T. G. Ward, F. Wren, ? Hedley, ? Hampton (Trainer).

Middle row: Harry Lord, ? Walker, G. Lowther, H. Page, F. Watson.

Front row: T. Bell, W. Heseltine, J. Denham, J. Hugill, J. Bradley.

Any information regarding any relatives of the above would be most appreciated.

Image courtesy of Colin Hart.

Coke Ovens Team – 1920

This photograph of the Coke Ovens Bury Cup team dates from 1920. Colin Hart advises: “The man standing second from the right at the back may be Ernest Bury; after whom the tournament was named. He also tells us that Milton Cresswick (son-in-law of Marshall Hauxwell) confirms that the player with the ball was Marshall Hauxwell, and that Marshall’s brother Jack  is second from left, at the front.”

Can anyone tell us the names of the other men and where the photograph was taken, please?

Image courtesy of Colin Hart; thanks also to Colin Hart for the update.

Bury Cup Poster (1920) – What a Story!

The poster seems to indicate it might have been a grudge match! The Coke Ovens Team beat the Melting Shops, who appeared to produced this poster to mourn the passing of their team. Of course the Coke Ovens might have had the poster produced as a jibe at the Melting Shop! BUT Colin Hart comments: “The real reason for the production of the poster R.I.P.; after a bit more research I found that the date on the poster May 8th 1920 was the actual date the Bury Cup final was played and the Coke Ovens beat the Melting Shop.” This must have been a poster produced by someone as a jibe after the final had been played.

Derick Pearson told us: ”This was no joke, in fact it was a most dreadful accident and remembered for years by many. The original card was from a lady at East Loftus in 1970. She had lost a grandfather in the disaster. It is understood that the disaster had affected many families as there were so many hurt or killed, it is believed that the greater part of the team had been lost through the explosion. The dangers involved in coke making even today pose the threat of explosion; though the techniques used today are much safer. The original card was a treasure to keep. Note this was printed by Richelieu. He was the Post Master and Photographer Printer in Carlin How Square. Some of his cards are superb”

Reference has been made to an explosion at the coke ovens on Bill Normans excellent Wartime History site,: ”2030hrs.   2 HE fell near No.2 coke oven at Skinningrove Ironworks.  1 man (John Joseph Carter of Liverton Mines) was killed and 5 were injured.  Slight damage was caused to the plant but there was no interference with production.” For the unlearned HE in the text refers to HIGH EXPLOSIVE .”

Image courtesy of a compilation by Derick Pearson and other collections, thanks to Derick Pearson and Colin Hart for the updates.

Bury Cup Final – 1948

Both teams are shown this time for the 1948 Bury Cup Final; with Fabrication (Fab) Plant versus the 36 Inch Mill at Carlin How Football Ground.  The Fab Plant won (they often did!).The teams were:

Back row: Sailor Southwick, M. Dixon, C. Danby, L. Hudson, ??, J. Legg, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Bob Goldby, Mike Conway, Nish Dye, ??, Alfred (Alf) Cook.

Front row: N. Hampton, Arthur Preston, P. Bentley, ??, C. Humble, George Last, ??, Mick Smith, ??, Dick Smithies, ??.

Neil Thaler asks: “I see from the photograph of the Bury Cup in 1948 there is a player called Sailor Southwick. He used to be a Whitby Town player before and after WWII. Does anyone have any information on him at all ?”

A big challenge this time – who are the missing players? Also can anybody assist Neil Thaler?

Image and information courtesy of Colin Hart; thanks to Colin Hart, Frank Graham, Graham Cook and Colin Cook  for updates on names.

Bury Cup Winners 1951

Winning the Bury Cup against the Bricklayers and Electricians team on 5th May 1951 at Kilton Lane Football Ground, Carlin How; the Fabrication Department look a cold group.

Back row: Thomas Featonby (linesman), John Hudson, Colin Dohring, Maurice Dixon, Dennis Codling, Jacky Legg, ? Hudson, Cess Danby, ??.

Front row: Neil Hampton, Charlie Humble, Pan Bentley (Captain), Johnny Jobling, Sailor Southwick.

Bury Cup information courtesy of Colin Hart, thanks to Alan Featonby for the update.

Skinningrove Works – (Bury Cup Team) – 1951

Skinningrove Works Team 1950/51, Cleveland League, at the match against Lazenby at Lazenby.
Back row: Bill Davies (trainer), Bill Hyde, Bill Smith, Thomas (Tom) Featonby, Clem Thomas, ? Oliver, Jim. Alderson, Geoff McLean.
Front row: Derek (Midge) Purver, Colin Jefferson, Brian Rodgers, Johnny Jobling, Les Webster, Terry Hall.

Geoff Mclean says: “I was only 16 at the time.” Alan Featonby has advised: “The Featonby in the back row is Tom (Thomas) Featonby, my father. Regards, Alan in Canada.” Sheila Alderson adds: “Its so nice to see this picture of my Dad Jim Alderson. I’ve never ever seen this picture at home. Thank you for bringing back memories.”

Image and details courtesy of Colin Hart;  also information to Geoff McLean, Alan Featonby and Sheila Alderson for the updates.

1956 Runner-up, 18″ Mill

Runners-up for the Bury Cup in 1956, were the 18” Mill team.

Back row:  G. Theaker, W. Barrett, D. Smith, G. Colman, T. Bendall, J. Bell, J. Shaw.

Front row:  J. Crooks, D. Breckon, D. Hodgson, B. Parker, R. Simpson, D. Whiley

Officials:  J. L. Wright (Referee), H. Bennetts (Linesman), G. Tindale (Linesman).

Image and names courtesy of Colin Hart.

Names Needed Please

A cry of help from Colin Hart for any names you can supply to this photograph of the 1971 runners-up ( Bricklayers) football team in the Bury Cup.

Back row: Richard Barnes, Barry Thomas, Terry Dove, Philip Wilks, Billy Jackson, Micky Wilson, Colin Marshall.

Front row: Stephen Hines, Norman Smithers, Lampton Shepherd, Norman Breeze, Eric Taylor.

Image courtesy of Colin Hart, thanks to Barbara McBurney, David Archer, R Simpson, Eric Taylor and Norman Walker for names to date.

Brotton Vulcan Football Team

What was the competition, what was the year and who were the players in this well-scrubbed football team?