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Loftus Youth Club Football Team

We now know this photograph was taken at Whitby and and we have the names of the lads. Brian Webster tells the Archive: “This was an away match at Whitby having travelled on the train with the Club Leader Mr Johnson in 1947?”

Back row:  Bill Purver, George Cox, Tommy “Twizzie” Andrews, Abel Roberts, Keith Sayer, Geoff Rowland

Front row:  Brian “Biddy” Webster, Morris Dixon, Aden Bennet, Desmond Hodgson, Ron Scott

Image and names courtesy of Marian Smith, thanks to Brian Webster for the update.

Loftus Athletic Football Team 1979

Loftus Athletic Football Team in 1979; the year they won the League Cup.

Back row: John Toulson (Manager), Steve Trillo, Derek Knight, Andrew Drinkhall, Mick Gaines, Keith Corner, Fred Kitchener (Coach).
Front row: Bernard Devereux, Chris Lindsey, Jeff Ground, John Devereux, Mark Winspear.

Image and information courtesy of Mike Allison and Marian Toulson.

United Eleven.

Early 1960’s saw these men in the football team from the United Bus depot at East Loftus. Alan Chilton advised the Archive: “Full names are: Back row: Alan Batterbee, Eric Jeffels, Harry Watson, Jack Dunstan, Colin Cuthbert, George Routledge.
Front row: Bob Carlyle, Percy Marshall, Colin Stone , Alan Chilton, George Say.”

Image and courtesy of Alan Chilton, thanks also to Alan Chilton for the names update.

Loftus Albion Football Club

Loftus Albion Football Club with a trophy; can anybody name them and what are the trophies they are displaying?

Back row: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.

Middle row: ??, Raymond Gibson (Trainer), ??, W. Hauxwell, ??, ??, T. Rogers, T. Calvert (Trainer), T. W. Ward (Committee).

Sitting: ??, ??, ??, T. Pitts, Henry (Harry) Rayson, ??, S. Allen, ??.

Front row: N. Wood.

Thanks to Peter and Eric Johnson for updates on names.

Loftus Albion Football Club

Loftus Albion Football Club 1913-1914, obviously Cup Winners. They played at the present cricket ground. Has anyone any idea who these men are or the trophy they played for?

Skinningrove Primitive Chapel – Junior Football Team


We now have most of the names for this one: Back Row (L to R): Mr Wrightson, Tom Wheatman, Jim Hodge, Marsden Grey, Walter Fothergill, Tommy Pearson, Kit Smelt, Jonnty Smith (Trainer). Middle Row (L to R): Bert Davey, Dabber Adamson, ? Crispin, Pim Tyson, Jimmy Winter. Front Row (L to R): Jimmy Mott, Skinner Hodge, Sos Wilson.

Bert Davey went on to become a teacher and games master at Loftus School. Thanks to Col Hart who advised us: “Front row Jimmy Mott, Skinner Hodge, Sos Wilson. These names were taken from a scanned copy of a framed photo of the team at the Mining Museum”


Skinningrove Junior F.C. (1921/22)

Skinningrove Junior F. C. from 1921/22, pictured possibly at the entrance to Kilton Hall Farm; this being just up the road from where the team would play in Carlin How. Standing: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.
Kneeling: ??, George Franks, ??. Sitting: ??, ??, ??, ??, ??. Can anybody assist with the missing names?

Image courtesy of Alan Franks.

Skinningrove Junior F. C. (1924/25)

This is the year that Skinningrove Juniors took the North Riding Junior Cup and this is the photograph to celebrate that feat. Can you help with the missing names?
Standing: R. C. Biott, ? Skilbeck, George Franks, ? Darnbrough?, ? Smith, ? Matson, ? Webster?.
Middle: ??, Wilf Sanderson, ? Ovington, ? Welford, ? Turnbull.
Sitting: Frank Bullock, ? Russell, Harry Auckland, ? Riddiough, ??.

Julie Riddiough suggests: “I thought it might be Laurie Riddiough; he died in an accident at Skinningrove Tarmac works in 1927.” Whilst Andrea Richardson asks: “Is there any way to find out which teams won this cup in previous years please? I have a photograph of a team with a cup that looks very similar but maybe from the 1920s?”

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and others, thanks to David Sanderson, John Roberts, Julie Riddiough and Andrea Richardson for the updates.

Skinningrove Old Boys.

A lovely photograph of a different football team, we don’t have many of the names perhaps you can fill in the blanks. Back row:- Jonty Smith, ??, ??, Albert Alexander, ??, Les Webster, ??, Charlie Smith?, ??, ? Fothergill.

Front Row:- ? Hodge, ??, Tom ’pop’ Wilkinson, ? Bullimoor, ??, ??, Jack Woodrow, Bernard Hamilton, seated at the front Mickey Smith.

Colin Hart now tells us: ”Jack Woodrow was born in 1910 so date could be mid to late 1920′s and it looks like the front of Timms Coffee House”. He also advises: “The trophy on the left is the same one as on the Carlin How Rovers photograph and if you notice, 2 name shields on the Carlin How photograph and 3 name shields on the Skinningrove photograph, so must be two consecutive years.” Keith Harding added: “Back row, first left is definitely Jonty Smith.”

Image courtesy of Alan Pearson and thanks to Colin Hart and Keith Harding for the updates.

Junior Cup Final

This image from a printed postcard the Archive believe dates from the 1920’s (the only information on the reverse was ‘Juniors Football’); the Archive doesn’t know which year or any information about the teams.
Derick Pearson advised: ”This is Carlin How football field. The goal is the Kilton Lane end of the pitch and in the distance at the left end of the houses can be seen Lower Cragg Hall farm. To the left of that and higher can be seen Upper Cragg Hall farm buildings and house among the trees. Herbert Farndale owned this when we were youngsters. I believe one of the teams was a Skinningrove works team. I lived in that left hand house in the late 1940s and we could watch the matches over our garden fence. This was what was fondly known as Bells Huts and is behind what is now the Bullet and Bayonet on Kilton lane. The foundry now stands exactly where that row of houses was.”
The Archive also received from Angela Hamilton the following enquiry: “I am looking for a old friend called Nigel Farndale I hope you can point me in the right way thank you for your help.”
Image courtesy of A. Frank; thanks to Derick Pearson for the update and can anybody assist Angela Hamilton with her quest?