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Skinningrove Iron Works Silver Prize Band

Skinningrove Iron Works Silver Prize Band at Sykes House.  Derick Pearson has named the Bass Trombonist as Henry Rawlings.  Can anybody name any of the others and the instrument they play?

Updates so far include; from Pat Bush: ”Left hand side, uniformed bandsman between two gentlemen in suits is George Thomas Martin (Pat Bush’s grandfather), he kept the music scores organised and never actually played an instrument! Update from Alan Chilton: back row, fourth from right is Arthur Stone (cornet) he helped start Loftus School band.” Annette Mellor advised: ”I think that is my grandfather Arthur Stone back row fourth from the right.” Whilst Rebecca Saywell told the Archive: ”Fourth from the left, front seated row (on chairs, not on the ground, My great granddad, Frederick Weaver. Back row, fifth in; his son, Jimmy Weaver. This information comes from my nan, Ida Cooper, nee Weaver (now 98).” Shirley Rawlings assisted with: ”Henry Rawlings was right but he wasn’t called Shack, that was his son’s nickname; my uncle John Thomas Rawlings.” Also Jean Rawlings Smith tells us: ”I believe Henry’s son John Thomas Rawlings ( nicknamed Shack) is my granddad.”

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre (also on a cd produced by Derick Pearson in 1980’s), thanks to Alan Chilton, Annette Mellor, Rebecca Saywell, Shirley Rawlings and Jean Rawlings Smith for the updates.