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Which Band?

Not a very clear photograph and I couldn’t read what is on the banner at the back, can you? What is known is that it is an Ironstone Miner’s Lodge Banner. Simon Chapman has advised the Archive: “It’s the station yard at Brotton with the Methodist Chapel on the left with the distinctive decorative gable on the right.”
Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, also thanks to Eric Johnson and Chris Twigg for their efforts in attempting to identify the banner or the location; thanks to Simon Chapman for confirmation of the location.

‘The Jolly Boys’

'The Jolly Boys'

A very formal photograph taken by the Services Studio in Middlesbrough. ”The Jolly Boys” are now known to have been an amateur singing group, mainly Methodist and not military as we first thought. The only other clue in the image is the footwear – lace-up boots instead of shoes, so probably pre-1918. Back row: ??, ??, ??, ??.
Front row: Mr Heseldine, ??, Fred Nicholson, Joe Agar.

Tony Nicholson advised us: “‘The Jolly Boys’ were an amateur singing group (not military but mainly Methodist).
I know two men here:- Mr Heseldine, front row left; Fred Nicholson, front row, third from left.”
Image courtesy of Loftus Library, thanks to Tony Nicholson for the updated information.

Skinningrove and Eskdale Male Voice Choir

A formal photograph of Mavis Hall and the choir with a collection of trophies, now known to include W.A. and E. Barker Cup; The Normanby Cup, The Bingant Cup (trophies from the Eskdale Tournament of Song) and The Dorman Stewart Rose Bowl from Middlesbrough Music Festival.

Back row: 1. Norman Row,  2. ??, 3. ??, 4. Paul Boocock, 5.Tony Mellor, 6. ??, 7. Ray Conn, 8. Charlie Rice.

Middle row: 1. Arthur Howard, 2. Frank Templeman, 3. Johnny (Pineapple) Smith, 4. John Stonehouse, 5.Maurice Grout, 6. ??, 7. Frank Bennison, 8. Lol Bonnard.

Front row: 1. ??, 2. ??, 3. ??, 4.Mavis Hall,l 5. ??, 6. George (Spuggy) Willis.

Who are the other members of the choir?

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, thanks for names from Elizabeth Mellor, Eric Johnson, David Archer, Derick Pearson, Roger Barwick, Callie, Tom Webster, Colin Hart, Alan Pearson, Lynn Willis and David Stonehouse. Also Frank Templeman with details of the trophies.

Skinningrove and Eskdale Choir

The Skinningrove and Eskdale Male Voice Choir on stage. 

From the left: 1. Alan (Whitty) Smith 2.Tony Mellor 3.Frank Templeman 4. Tecca Haward 5.        16.Mavis Hall 19 Lol Bonnard 22. Frank Bennison 23. Mary Cox (also played piano at some events)

Does anyone know where and when the photograph was taken, or the names of other choir members?

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, thanks to Eric Johnson, Derick Pearson for information on Mrs Cox, Roger Barwick and Gary Smith for names update.

Skinningrove Choir

This is a photograph of Skinningrove Male Voice Choir; before its amalgamation with Eskdale Choir, with Mavis Hall is conducting.

Back row: 1. Norman (Cuddy) Row, 2. Harry Easton, 3. Peter (Sam) Boyes, 4. Brian Atkinson ,5. Maurice Grout, 6. Joe Earl, 7. Ray Conn, 8. Frank Bennison.

Middle row: 1. Alan (Whitty) Smith , 2. Tony Mellor, 3. Frank Templeman, 4. Dereck Hart, 5. George Guilfoyle, 6. Charlie Rice, 7. Reg Alman, 8. Arthur Howard, 9, George Willis, 10, Raymond Willis.

In front: 1. Malcolm Hill, 2. Johnny (Jonny Pineapple) Smith.

Image courtesy of Mr. Ray Conn, thanks to Eric Johnson, Derick Pearson, Roger Barwick, Elizabeth Mellor, Tony, Emily, Barbara McBurney, Gary Smith, George Guilfoyle, Colin Hart, Lynn Willis and John Smith (via David Archer) for  names updates.

Lingdale Silver Band Parade

The Archive wondered about this band where were they and what date is it? Derick Pearson advised: ”This photograph was taken in the 1930s and was taken from the upstairs window of what is now the post office on the high Street coming toward the Lingdale Tavern. The field on the right with the buildings in it belonged to my grandmother in those days and the buildings remained for many years.” Joy Jacklin contacted with: “I was born in Lingdale at 10 High Street in December 1933. The end house shown was No 2. I don’t remember the buildings in the position shown but remember buildings somewhere in the location where the two bungalows now stand; these are at the lower end of the field. The buildings shown must have been demolished around mid 1930′s . Meadowdale Court was built years later in the rest of the field. There was a brick air raid shelter just inside the field and to the right of the gate. Mr George Barker owned the butchers shop opposite the field gate and next door was the taxi service owned by Mr George Wedgewood.”

Whilst Derek Dobson adds: “Takes me back band walking up the High Street, followed by Billy ? pretending to clash cymbals. When I was a kid, band was brought up and nourished by Fred Ramage a very competent bandmaster, a well respected gentleman. It brought a heavy sense of loss on the village when he died; his son was always known to us lads as ‘Fred’.”

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday, many thanks to Derick Pearson, Ray Jacklin and Derek Dobson for the updates.

Brotton Temperance Silver Band 1908

Temperance Societies sprang up in every industrial town, village and city during the Industrial Revolution as philanthropists and the Church tried to turn the working man away from the demon drink. The Band was one way of rewarding them for abstention. Do you recognise anybody? Sheelagh Dobson tells us: ”The man at the far left is my grandad Paul Marshall who was born in Brotton.”

Researches have revealed that the 1908 British Brass Band Association contest was held at Loftus; placings being given as: 1st Brotton Temperance Band, 2nd North Skelton Band, 3rd Brotton Old Band. At  that stage Brotton Temperance Band had gained five winning places, four 2nd places and six 3rd places.

Image courtesy of Julie Riddiough, thanks to Sheelagh Dobson for the update. Additional information from Brass Band Results website.

Kilton Pit and Carlin How Mouth Organ Band.

Mouth organ bands seemed to be very popular around this time; this one from the late 1950s; prompted in no small way by the national success of Larry Adler. Variety Theatre was still very popular and acts such as this would find a ready outlet for their talent.  Some bands had a huge bass mouth organ about 3 foot long! Derick Pearson advised: “This photograph was taken prior to a competition of Bands in the late 1950s.”

Back row: Fred Hudson, Stan Massey, Arthur Rix (Landlord of Bullit), ??.
Front row:Joe Welford, ??, Dennis Pearson, ??. One of the ?? is believed to be Matt Theaker.

Image and information updates courtesy of Derick Pearson.

Loftus Town Band

A beautiful old sepia print of Loftus Town Band, late Victorian at a guess, activities like this were encouraged to keep the men ”out of trouble” in their free time, the employers often donating the instruments. But once again the Archive is open to any help you may be able to give!

Image courtesy of Loftus Library.

Brass Band

I love the sound of a brass band and we know this is the Skinningrove works brass band, but when was the photo taken and who are the members of the band and what  are the cups for that they are displaying?  Come on help me out please.

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre.