Grinkle Woods

It says ”Mally Harbutts Tree” on this Richardson’s postcard, but now known to be an incorrect spelling. Molly Harbutt a Scots lady, was the witch of the woods who lived in this tree beside the bridge over Greenhowe Beck, near Scaling Mill. She was an early equivalent of a homeopathist, preparing potions and reading fortunes. According to legend she was able to change her shape to a large brown hare, finally being shot by a hunter and subsequently found dying in human form in the branches of this tree. The tree is marked on maps dating from 1856! Hence all sign of the tree are now long gone. Chris Twigg comments: “The position of the photographer can still be projected today, but alas the tree is long gone!” But we would still like to know who or why is the man in the tree.

Image courtesy of Alan Richardson, additional information courtesy of Cody McKay and thanks to Chris Twigg for the update.

Snow on Old Boulby Bank, Loftus

With Cowbar Nab in the distance, this view down old Boulby Road towards Staithes, certainly gives a lasting impression of the depth of snow. Towering over the little Fiat (?) car as it follows the cut out passage. Taken from a newspaper cutting and believed to date from the 1960’s or possibly 1970’s.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and thanks to Derick Pearson for confirmation of the view.

Boulby Grange

A picture postcard of Boulby Grange, a former Georgian farmhouse (Grade II listed) taken from The Cleveland Way. Paul Dodsworth tells the Archive: “Regarding Boulby Grange; my grandfather, Robert Dodsworth was a Police Inspector covering the area of Loftus, etc., and during the Second World War was put in charge of the movement of meat, as everything was rationed and he was based at Boulby Grange. I, Paul Dodsworth his grandson had the pleasure of visiting the property as a kid. I seem to just remember a orchard and if I am not mistaken there was a marble fireplace in one room; also I remember something about secret passages”.

Image courtesy of a supporter of the Archive and many thanks to Paul Dodsworth for the update.

And Again!

Hmmmm….we felt we should know this one – and wondered where it was! We thought it a bit unfair to ask you to identify the person in the doorway. Chris Martin didn’t take long to crack the first part of my little puzzle, spotting the Land Rover outside the garage doors and the Raleigh Chopper under the window, so that probably does date it to the 1970s. Now known to be the house on Boulby road.

Image courtesy of Eric Jackson, thanks to Chris Martin for the update.