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Who Is She?

Who Is She?

Another of Neil Suckling un-named photo’s, have you a photo of the same lady with a name on? If so please tell us who this pretty lady is.

A Spin In The Country

Looking very proud of their motor bike and sidecar, even the little dog looks ready for the trip.
Image courtesy of Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum.

Do You Know These Children?

Okay own up were you one of the children in this photograph, believed to have been taken at Skinningrove? Be brave tell us if you were.
Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection.

An Elegant Gentleman

Like the previous image, there are questions that need answers: who is this natty dressed cyclist? The Archive believes the location to be ‘Wood Road’ that links Loftus with Skinningrove, but the other question is when was the photograph taken?

A Fine Looking Group

All dressed up and nowhere to go, moustaches well-groomed and caps on at jaunty angles; I wonder what this group of men were waiting for? Are they going off somewhere or just waiting for the girls to pass by?