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Dr Donaldson and Staff at Skinnigrove Miners Hospital

Dr Donaldson with some of his staff at the Miner’s Hospital in Skinningrove taken about 1925; the date of this photograph was written on the bottom, but does anyone know the names of the staff?  Isn’t he proud of his bike? Tony Nicholson advised: “I’m interested in tracing Emily Elgey; the Matron of the Miner’s Hospital from 1902 until her death in 1924. I found several of Emily’s letters in my attic. Sadly, I don’t have a photograph of her, but I wonder if this might be her? (i.e. the nurse standing beside Dr. Donaldson). I know the photograph has ‘1925’ written on the bottom, but could it be earlier? The nurse’s uniform looks Edwardian to me, although I’m not an expert . Didn’t uniforms became less elaborate in the 1920s? Perhaps it’s wishful thinking on my part (because I want this to be Emily!) but the whole photograph has a more Edwardian feel than something from the 1920s?
Was this Dr. Donaldson the same Dr. Donaldson who was the House Surgeon at North Riding Infirmary, Middlesbrough? If so, he was born in 1876 and would have been 49 in 1925. A bit too old for the chap in the photograph, notwithstanding his baldness? Might he have come to Skinningrove to perform operations? I doubt he would have biked over in the 1920s (probably had a car) but might have done so in the Edwardian era. Needless to say, I would welcome any help in tracing Emily, and particularly a photograph of her”.

Many thanks to Tony Nicholson for the information and the Archive has suppled any information regarding Emily to assist in his researches.

Nursing Staff Skinningrove Hospital

The Archive asks can anybody help in the identification of these members of the nursing staff, with Dr Donaldson  and presumably a porter of the Skinningrove Hospital demolished in 1940s? Derick Pearson believe the gentleman on the left may have been Doctor Donaldson. He bears a considerable resemblance to a previous image of the nursing staff at Skinningrove.

Ex-Skinningrove Works Men 1963

Skinningrove Works Pensioners on a sight-seeing tour of the new Sentinel locomotives in 1963; the Archive didn’t know whether they were retired loco men though. Derick Pearson seems to remember the colour scheme was a rather dark; possibly racing green.

Assembled in front of the Sentinel locomotive (left to right): ??, ??, ??, ??, Eric Hatfield (from Brotton), Sam Thackery, Frank Simonds, ??, ??, ??, ??, Mr J Husband.

Jason Thornton-Saunby advised: ”My dad; Philip Saunby says that seventh from the left is Frank Simonds and the group are all ex-loco men. He confirms that the loco colours were indeed racing green.” Whilst Terry Robinson adds this update: The photograph was taken in July 1963 outside the new loco shed when the Sentinel locos arrived at Skinningrove, nine locos in one train coming direct from the Sentinel factory in Shrewsbury. The tenth loco (no 3) was already on the works for crew training.”

Thanks to Derick Pearson, Philip Saunby, Terry Robinson, Alan Pearson  and A. N. Andre for the update and names.

Father and Son?

We were very impressed by this image and we are now advised by Paul Clarke: ”The man in the photograph is my late father Eddie Clarke, and the boy is Keith Simpson. The boat was owned by my father and later went on to get the boat ‘Boy Paul’ built at Sandsend. This photograph appeared in and was taken by a photographer from The Northern Echo in about 1961-1963”. A. N. Andre has advised: “The Sea Rover boats of which there were two; Sea Rover I and Sea Rover II originally belonged to the Simpson family.”

Thanks to Stephen Steyert and Paul Clarke for the missing information, also to A. N. Andre for the update..