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The Mine, North Skelton

A lovely clear shot of the mine, looks as though it’s in full production. Anne Peacock asks: “My uncle Lawrence Henry Peacock was killed in North Skelton Mine on the 5 February 1957 aged 38. I cannot find any information on this accident.” Can anybody assist with this query?

Image courtesy of George Pearson and others, thanks to Anne Peacock for her enquiry.

North Skelton

One in a series of photographs of North Skelton mine, the caption says taken from the north about 1900. This is entirely possible, as the centre figure of the group in the cabin doorway appears to be Thomas Ranson; Manager of the mine in the early 1900s.

North Skelton Mine

A photograph of North Skelton Mine, taken in the 1960’s before the closure of the mine.

Image courtesy of George Pearson.

North Skelton Mine

A different view of North Skelton mine, how clearly the pit wheel shows up. When the mine was in operation it dominated the whole village, this would be most obvious to residents as most of them were in employment owing to the mine.
Image courtesy of Joan Webster.

North Skelton Mine

A wonderful line drawing of North Skelton mine by H. Harrison,
Image courtesy of Joan Webster.

North Skelton Mine

Nice dog with it’s owner, now known to be Thomas Ranson who was the Manager at North Skelton ironstone mine in the late 1800’s. Mr Ranson has often been wrongly identified as Mr Brown at North Skelton mine. The 1891 Census lists Thomas Ranson as Manager with his son Robert as a Deputy Overman, the whole Ranson family (ten in total) lived at numbers 1 and 2 Bolckow Street, North Skelton; by the 1901 and 1911 Census the family had moved to 1 Vaughan Street.

Information courtesy of Eugenie Jarred.

North Skelton Mine

Originally titled ”Mr Brown North Skelton Mine” when this image arrived to the Archive, prompted the question: ”Who was Mr Brown?”. Neil Baldwin now tells us: ”Mr Brown was an engineer at North Skelton pit, he was my father-in-law’s great grandfather (along the Butler family side).”

Image courtesy of several sources, thanks also to Neil Baldwin for resolving the query.

North Skelton Mine Workforce

Now the Archive knows that these are some of the workmen from the mine (possibly one shift?); but what date would it be? Also can anybody provide any names?

Underground At North Skelton

Underground at North Skelton, the Archive was not going to hazard a guess at to what is going on in this photograph, and awaited for someone out there to tell. Chris Twigg came to the rescue with : “I believe its a Walker compressed air drill.” Presumably this would be prior to inserting explosives into the holes for blasting? Danny Plews adds: “The drill bit was at least 4 to 5 feet long and had its dangers with possible finding gas or in the case when I was down there, WATER from another old mine tunnel. When this happened the driller got a soaking – it didn’t happen to me but saw it happen which meant that we had to attempt to plug the hole – not an easy task. When this happened we started another tunnel to try and get all the ore that we could possibly extract!”

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection and others; thanks to Chris Twigg and Danny Plews for the updates.

Cranner Loader at North Skelton Mine

Here’s a good image of a Cranner Loader in action at North Skelton Mine.  Quite a late image, judging by the headgear and electric lamps.  North Skelton Mine was the last of the Cleveland Mines to close, so this image could be as late as 1963.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, etc.