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All Dressed Up

The civic dignitaries are all dressed up for the ball in this photograph from 1951/2.  Chairman and Mrs. Woodrow are second from the left, but who are the other people and when and where was the photograph taken? 

Image courtesy of Carole Kellogg.

Awa Maru

Awa Maru

Another photo from Fred Brunskill, these three Redcar  men are Left to right Thomas Hood Picknett, Will Raine and Thomas Bilton Picknett.
They gave first aid to some of the injured crew of the Awa Maru. Ian Bushell tells us: ”My Grandfather, William John Weatherill BOAGEY and his brother Leslie befriended one of the crew of the Awa Maru. The crewmember lodged with the family until the ship was towed off the rocks and continued to send postcards from around the world. Crew members name as far as I can make out was K Uematsu.

Thanks to Ian for that update.

Cake Decoration Entries

This is a photograph of a decorated cake competition in 1952.  Chairman and Mrs. Woodrow are in the picture, but do you recognise anyone else?

Image courtesy of Carole Kellogg.

Bonny Lasses

Carole Kellog advised the Archive regarding this image: “It was a Daily Mirror contest I entered and got through to the finals.  It was taken in Newcastle, the year I would have to guess around 1961/62.  I think the girl that won was the second from the left in the front row, and I believe she came from Redcar.  I am on the far right of the back row.  I have no idea who the rest of the girls were, but they came from around our area.”
Image and information courtesy of Carole Kellog.

Sports Day?

We thought that these were pupils at Saltburn School in 1951, but now know that it was the Saltburn and Skelton District School Annual Sports Association meeting at Saltburn Cricket Ground in 1950. Pupils from Saltburn, North Skelton and Skelton schools participated. Chairman Councillor F. L. Woodrow is with the group who have been presented with the cups.  The headmaster of the school, Mr. Fred Webster, is standing on the right.

Alan Collins advises the Archive: “The school boy to the left of Councillor Woodrow is John Robinson winner of the Stockwell Cup for Senior pupil with the highest number of points; whilst Maureen Hall is holding the Deighton Cup for the Junior pupil with the highest number of points.”

Pupils kneeling: ??, Sheila Harrison (North Skelton), Maureen Hall (later Smith), Anne Tubbs.

Bill Knowles tells us: ”I think the small boy on the left of the picture with the dark hair and the toothy smile is called Allen Crane.”

Thanks to Carole Kellogg for the photograph and information, also Barbara McBurney, Bill Knowles and Maureen Smith (nee Hall) and Alan Collins  for updates.

At Coatham Grammar School

We now know that this is Sports Day presentation at Coatham Grammar School. The Mayor and Mayoress of Redcar with Chairman and Mrs. Woodrow are in the picture.  Do you recognise anyone else? Stan Grosvenor who attended the school 1950 to 1955 tells us: ”This picture is definitely a Coatham Grammar school picture.  The scoreboard shows Cochranes and Inghams both of which were Houses at the school.  Cochranes House colour was purple and Inghams was red.  I don’t recognise any of the faces.”

Peter Chester (who attended the school 1960 to 1967, author of ‘New Lamps for Old – History of Sir William Turners and Redcar & Cleveland College’) supports Stan’s update and advises: ”It is difficult to date but is almost certainly post-war, although the silver ware dates from the 1920s. Some of the major cups and shields are still on display at Redcar & Cleveland College, where the Sir William Turner Trust resides.”

Image and information courtesy of Carole Kellogg, also to Stan Grosvenor and Peter Chester for the updates.

Badminton Presentation

The Mayor of Redcar, Mrs. Woodrow, the Mayoress of Redcar and Chairman Woodrow are seated behind the display of cups and trophies.  The presentation was at The Parochial Hall (Now the Re-Furnish Emporium), Diamond Street, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, the Archive commented: “But we don’t know the names of any of the players.” A distant viewer of the Archive has supplied the following: “A compilation of information from June Dale (Nee Watson) and Audrey Kirby: Top back: Redvers Blakey with glasses, (Saltburn).
Line one (from left to right): 1st Fred Sanderson (Skelton), 2nd Frank Coupe (Saltburn), 3rd Norman Baxter (Skelton), 4th Luke Clarke on the right-hand end
Above and behind: 1st Winney Caine (Skelton), 2nd June Stonehouse (Skelton)
Middle Section: 1st Gordon Semple (Redcar), 2nd Audrey Kirby (Skelton), 3rd Jean Heseltine (Skelton), Above and behind: Betty Gibbs (Saltburn) Peggy Smith, Skelton (behind and to right of Councillor Woodrow), 4th Joyce Casson (Skelton)
Middle Section Cont.: 5th Sheila Thompson (Redcar), 6th Margaret Robins-Jones (Saltburn), 7th Suzy Banister (Skelton), 8th (A lady from Boosbeck played with Norman Baxter, name unknown), Mayor of Redcar, Mrs. Woodrow, Mayoress of Redcar, Chairman Mr. Woodrow.
Finals of Badminton Tournament presentation, not at Redcar but The Parochial Hall (Now the Re-Furnish Emporium), Diamond Street, Saltburn-by-the-Sea (Confirmed by Audrey Kirby)

Image and information courtesy of Carole Kellogg; thanks to June Dale (nee Watson) and Audrey Kirby for the excellent update and names.

Pensioner’s Trip

Chairman and Mrs. Woodrow are in the middle of the group, but who are the other people and where are they going?

Image courtesy of Carole Kellogg.

Red Cross

Carole Kellogg (nee Woodrow) has been in touch with us from Tucson, Arizona, after viewing our site and has sent us some photographs that were taken at events when her father, Fred L. Woodrow, was Chairman of the Saltburn & Marske Urban District Council in 1951.

This group appear to have been attending a formal occasion connected with the Red Cross.  Back row: Mr J. C. (Cyril) Pickering, ??, ??, Mr. F. Woodrow (wearing his chain of office), ??, ??.

Front row: Mrs. B. M. Spragg, ??, Mrs. N. Pickering, Mrs. Woodrow, ??, ??  Can anyone tell us more about this occasion?

Owen Rooks tells us: ”Mr J. C. (Cyril) Pickering was owner of Saltburn Motor Services and Mrs N. Pickering who I think held an official honorary position within the Saltburn branch of the Red Cross Society.” Frank Spragg confirms this identification with : “Sitting front row No 1 is Mrs B.M. Spragg (my mother).”

Image and information courtesy of Carole Kellog; also thanks to Owen Rooks and Frank Spragg for the names update.

Saltburn Who’s Who

Carole Kellogg whose father was Mr Fred Woodrow, says that she vaguely remembers being present when this photograph was taken at the Dr. Barnardo’s Home in Saltburn.

Standing at the back: ??, ??, Mayor of Redcar (Alderman Thomas Alexander Dougall), Mr. F. Woodrow, Mr J. C. Pickering, ?? Head of Saltburn School,  Rev. Berriman (Emmanuel Church Saltburn).

Front:  Mrs Dougall (Wife of Mayor of Redcar), Mrs. Woodrow, ??, Mrs N. Pickering.

Callum Duff tells us: ”This is the official photograph for the 1951 ‘Festival of Cleveland’ event held at The Dr Barnardo’s Home, ‘The Ridge’ at Saltburn. The home closed in 1969 and was demolished to make way for the cul-de-sac of Executive-style houses, also called The Ridge which now occupy the site.” Callum also advises: “I recently bought a colour cine film from the Barnardo’s archive which features the ‘Festival of Cleveland’ event and this photograph being taken. It forms part of a promotional film showing the work of the Barnardo’s charity in Saltburn and other homes in Yorkshire.”

Image courtesy of Carole Kellogg (nee Woodrow) photograph and information; thanks to Owen Rooks for the update on names and to Callum Duff for further information.