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Loftus Sword Dancers (1970)

Taken by Caters Photographic of Birmingham, Loftus Sword Dancers at Birmingham TV Studios in 1970. They are: musicians: John Waite, Maurice Brignall. Old woman: Stephen Galilee. Sword Dancers: Keith Galilee, Harry Cuthbert, Sid Robson, Colin Galilee, John Hill, Eric Lancaster.
In the suit – Malcom Gratton (leader).
Image courtesy of John Hill.

Loftus Sword Dancers, Llangollen

An unknown date; but believed to be about 1984/1985 and they took a Gold too! Posing proudly with their trophy:
Back row: Sid Robson, Colin Galilee, John Waite (musician), David Gratton (old woman).

Front row: Colin Locker, John Hill, Colin Chisholm, Kevin Hullah.

Image courtesy of John Hill.

Arthur Marshall (1951)

A classic view taken by the Arlington Studio of William E. Grier in Loftus; a striking profile pose of Arthur Marshall, musician with The Loftus Sword Dancers, taken either during a practice or at a performance at the School. A request from John Grier Thompson: “I am Bill Grier’s grandson – my mother was a photographer in the Arlington Studio too. Are there any more photographs by my Granddad, or any paperwork with his studio logo on it?”

Image courtesy of John Hill, thanks to John Grier Thompson for the update and can anybody assist?

Loftus Sword Dancers – In the Beginning (1951)

How it all started! At the back: Mr. H Norminton and Mr. W Heseltine. At the front: Arthur Marshall (musician), Ronnie Knight, Ken Johnson, Harry Joplin, John Hill, Hilton George, Eric Tyreman.

Image courtesy of John Hill (photograph originally copyright Northern Echo).

Loftus Town Band

A beautiful old sepia print of Loftus Town Band, late Victorian at a guess, activities like this were encouraged to keep the men ”out of trouble” in their free time, the employers often donating the instruments. But once again the Archive is open to any help you may be able to give!

Image courtesy of Loftus Library.


Another image which causes questions; but judging by the youthfulness of the footballers, it could be a junior school or senior school team. A trophy might have given a possible competition. I guess these were the winners, judging by the crowd of spectators in the background, but which team, what was the occasion and who were they?

Who, What, Where, When?

We have no ideas about this photograph, we can surmise it is a football team, but after that nothing. Can you help us put names to these faces please?

Brass Band

I love the sound of a brass band and we know this is the Skinningrove works brass band, but when was the photo taken and who are the members of the band and what  are the cups for that they are displaying?  Come on help me out please.

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre.

Skinningrove Iron Works Silver Prize Band

Skinningrove Iron Works Silver Prize Band at Sykes House.  Derick Pearson has named the Bass Trombonist as Henry Rawlings.  Can anybody name any of the others and the instrument they play?

Updates so far include; from Pat Bush: ”Left hand side, uniformed bandsman between two gentlemen in suits is George Thomas Martin (Pat Bush’s grandfather), he kept the music scores organised and never actually played an instrument! Update from Alan Chilton: back row, fourth from right is Arthur Stone (cornet) he helped start Loftus School band.” Annette Mellor advised: ”I think that is my grandfather Arthur Stone back row fourth from the right.” Whilst Rebecca Saywell told the Archive: ”Fourth from the left, front seated row (on chairs, not on the ground, My great granddad, Frederick Weaver. Back row, fifth in; his son, Jimmy Weaver. This information comes from my nan, Ida Cooper, nee Weaver (now 98).” Shirley Rawlings assisted with: ”Henry Rawlings was right but he wasn’t called Shack, that was his son’s nickname; my uncle John Thomas Rawlings.” Also Jean Rawlings Smith tells us: ”I believe Henry’s son John Thomas Rawlings ( nicknamed Shack) is my granddad.”

Image courtesy of John Michael Watson, thanks to Alan Chilton, Annette Mellor, Rebecca Saywell, Shirley Rawlings and Jean Rawlings Smith for the updates.

Tennis Courts, Carlin How

Carlin How was believed to have some of the best tennis courts locally; I can’t tell who any of the players are, can you?  A clue may be that this photograph was taken in the Jubilee year of 1961 for Carlin How Working Men’s Club.

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre and the Pem Holliday Collection.