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‘The Holly and the Ivy’ December 1953


For Christmas 1953, Loftus & District Arts Club (Drama Section) produced ‘The Holly and the Ivy’, we been supplied with most of the names, can anybody fill in the blanks?
Vera Evans, Irene Fowle, Albert Allan (seated), Charlie Jefferson, Myra Dowson, ??, Nick ?. Peter Appleton has requested: “Does anyone have any more information about the Vera Evans depicted here? I ask because my mum’s sister was called Vera Evans. She was a daughter of Tom Evans, the watchmaker-jeweller whose shop was at 77 High Street Skelton (where the Co-op funeral parlour is today). She would have been in her early 20s when this photo was taken but I cannot tell from such a small image whether this is her or not.” Can anybody assist?

Image and names courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle), thanks to Peter Appleton for the update.

‘A Play for Ronnie’

Loftus & District Arts Club (Drama Section) production of ‘A Play for Ronnie’; producer M. Goldsborough, are shown on stage. Back row: Muriel Hollis, Lewis Snowdon, Margaret Duffy, Albert Allan, Marion Lindsey.
Front row: Margaret Wood, Derick Richards, Irene Fowle, Maurice Trembath.
Image and names courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle).

Loftus Parish Church Choir

St Leonard’s boys choir believed to date from 1934, assembled at the church door.
Back row: A Pearson, J Temple, R Knight, P Johnson, V Trattles, F Fowle, R Westhorp, C Moss, Rev J A Davies.
Middle row: N Nellist, D Fowle, G Fowle, C Tate, A Kirby, G W Lightfoot, P Knight.
Front row: D Hawkins, K Westhorp, C Gibson, J Kirby.
Image and names courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle).

Loftus Youth Club 1949

Dating from October 1949 our image shows members of the Youth Club gathered in the sunshine and the majority have been identified.

Back row: Tom Andrew, Abel Roberts, Brian Yarker, Irene Fowle, Gordon Fowle.
Front row: Eric Yarker, Margaret Drew, Bunty Hindmarsh, Margaret Wood, ??, Margaret Peel, Geoff Ditchburn.
Can anybody assist with the missing name or perhaps the name of the face in the window, or even the occasion?
Image and names to date courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle).

Another Drama

Another drama group to help us name, I think the second seated on the left is Audrey Winspear (nee Magor).
Image courtesy of Janet Wilson.

Are You In Costume?

We know the third from the left middle row is Jacky Noble can you name anyone else?
Image courtesy of Janet Wilson.

Were You A Budding Actor?

Help us name these people please.
We know the first person seated on the right is Bertha Bell and next to her is Jean Bosomworth.
Image courtesy of Janet Wilson.

Choir outing to Knaresborough

Described as ’Loftus Parish Church, Men’s Outing (Choir) to Knaresborough’ the gentlemen are identified by our kind donor Helen Cook.
Back row: ?? (coach driver), C Frankland, D Turnbull, C Trevillion, Walter Jordan, W Willis, J Trevillion, T Bradbury, W Fowle.
Middle row: T Jackson, L Cummins, ? Blakey, G Jackson, ??.
Front: W Dobson, F Fowle.
Can anybody assist with a date or missing names?
Image and names to date courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle).

Bolckow Vaughan Ladies Football Team 1918

Bolckow Vaughan Ladies Football Team 1918

Described as the Runners Up in the Ladies Munitionette Cup in 1918, these ladies would make a valuable contribution to the World War I industry. The team is also named.
Back row: Emily Milner, Amelia Farrell, Greta Kirk, Violet Sharples.
Front row: Elizabeth Powell, Mary Mohan, Mercy Page, Winnie McKenna, Gladys Reece, Florence Short, Anne Wharton.

Joyce Henry tells us: ”This picture shows my Grandma Elizabeth Powell Front row extreme left kneeling, she later be Freeman.”
Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection, identification via ”Grangetown in Times Past”; thanks to Joyce Henry for the update. Whilst Paul Boden tells us: ”I have the same photograph and the information I have is that the lady that is seated second from the right is Florence O Hanlon (nee Short) Florence was the younger sister of William Henry Short VC. Florence and William were first cousins of my mother Caroline Boden (nee Short).”; thanks to Paul for that update.

A 1910 Liverton Mines Scout

A 1910 Liverton Mines Scout

Edward Frederick Dohring pictured in 1910; a proud member of Liverton Mines Boy Scout Troop, he is in full Scout uniform for this early period of Scouting. Baden Powell (a copy of whose signatory hat Edward is carrying) held the first Scout camp on Brownsea Island in 1907. This image taken in a studio gives an idea of how rapidly this active boys organisation had spread. In the 1911 census his family was listed as being resident at 8 Graham Street, Liverton Mines, Edward was then a Grocer’s apprentice; aged 14 years.
Image courtesy of Colin Dohring (Edward’s son).