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Staithes Under 16 Team

When supplied to the Archive this image of Staithes Under 16 Football team listed players with initials; however following many contribtors the team can be presented as: Back row:Ken Gibson, Joe Crooks, John Stone, Richard? Nicholson, Tony ”Tosh” Welford, Godfrey ”Fudge” Evans, John Hicks, Jack Bowes ”Cockbod”.
Front row: Alan Crossman, Michael Hollingsworth, Don Burluraux, Dave Prothero, Richard Lythe.

Owen Rooks told the Archive: “I have seen this photograph on Don Burluraux’s NYMWebcam website captioned ‘Staithes Juniors 1965/66’.” David Archer advised: “John Stone played pro for Boro & Grimsby.” R. Simpson added: “John Stone also played for York City after Middlesbrough let him go.”

Image courtesy of Kathleen Hicks (copyright – Doran, Whitby); also thanks to Derick Pearson, Robert Doe, Owen Rooks, David Archer, R. Simpson and D. Crooks for all the names. Especial thanks to William Hinchley for ”Cockbod”, so named as ”he sang Old Mc Donalds Farm ans when it got to the cock began to crow he did a very realistic crow”.

Different Dancers

Not the usual sword dancers; this photograph was taken at East Loftus and the boys dancing are:-

Michael Cornforth, Thomas Cummings, Terry Grey, Terry Blades, Laurence Bibby and Barry Matson, with Dennis Morrison playing the mouth organ. I don’t know what the occasion was, do you?

Image courtesy of Laurence Bibby.

The Three Johns (1956)

Another family of pigeon-fanciers from Skinningrove. Left to right: John (Young Budget) Winspear, John (Jack or Budget) Winspear, John (Old Budget) Winspear. John Winspear advises: ”This is the picture of the bird that came 1st in the Up North Combine race from Welwyn Garden City, September 1956.  The picture was taken on Grove Hill allotment by The Evening Gazette.  The bird was a blue hen.  She was lost unfortunately the following year from one of the channel races.”

Image and information courtesy of John (Young Budget) Winspear.

Lingdale Silver Band Parade

The Archive wondered about this band where were they and what date is it? Derick Pearson advised: ”This photograph was taken in the 1930s and was taken from the upstairs window of what is now the post office on the high Street coming toward the Lingdale Tavern. The field on the right with the buildings in it belonged to my grandmother in those days and the buildings remained for many years.” Joy Jacklin contacted with: “I was born in Lingdale at 10 High Street in December 1933. The end house shown was No 2. I don’t remember the buildings in the position shown but remember buildings somewhere in the location where the two bungalows now stand; these are at the lower end of the field. The buildings shown must have been demolished around mid 1930′s . Meadowdale Court was built years later in the rest of the field. There was a brick air raid shelter just inside the field and to the right of the gate. Mr George Barker owned the butchers shop opposite the field gate and next door was the taxi service owned by Mr George Wedgewood.”

Whilst Derek Dobson adds: “Takes me back band walking up the High Street, followed by Billy ? pretending to clash cymbals. When I was a kid, band was brought up and nourished by Fred Ramage a very competent bandmaster, a well respected gentleman. It brought a heavy sense of loss on the village when he died; his son was always known to us lads as ‘Fred’.”

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday, many thanks to Derick Pearson, Ray Jacklin and Derek Dobson for the updates.

Brotton Temperance Silver Band 1908

Temperance Societies sprang up in every industrial town, village and city during the Industrial Revolution as philanthropists and the Church tried to turn the working man away from the demon drink. The Band was one way of rewarding them for abstention. Do you recognise anybody? Sheelagh Dobson tells us: ”The man at the far left is my grandad Paul Marshall who was born in Brotton.”

Researches have revealed that the 1908 British Brass Band Association contest was held at Loftus; placings being given as: 1st Brotton Temperance Band, 2nd North Skelton Band, 3rd Brotton Old Band. At  that stage Brotton Temperance Band had gained five winning places, four 2nd places and six 3rd places.

Image courtesy of Julie Riddiough, thanks to Sheelagh Dobson for the update. Additional information from Brass Band Results website.

Loftus Cub Scouts c. 1975

Loftus Cub Scouts pictured in the old scout hut. Dean Gibson tells us: ”The old Scout hut contained so many happy memories with a great history. If my memory serves me correctly, it was brought from RAF Fylingdales once the building of the BMEWS (Ballistic Missile Early Warning Station) was completed.” John Preston advises: “Tony and Elsie Biddlestone and their children Andrew, Jane and Ann emigrated to South Africa around 1977.”

Standing: Tony Biddlestone, Alan Douthwaite, Ray Silver.

Back row: John Templeman, Steve Jackson, Mark Lightfoot, Dave Toulson, ??, ?? , Graham Morrison, ?? , Geoffrey Grayson, Mark Unthank, Michael Tyreman, Stephen Whitlock, Andrew Conn.

Front row: Simon Wedgewood, ?? , Andrew Biddlestone, ?? , ?? , Christopher Smith, Trevor Himsworth, Sean Gray, Adrian Hardy, Andrew Tabner, ?? , ?? .

Image courtesy of Pam Morrison and names, also thanks to John Preston, Dean Gibson and Steve Jackson for updates.

Loftus Scout Group c. 1975

The Cubs have been joined by the rest of the troop for this photograph.

Back row: Norman Pass, Tony Biddlestone, Alan Douthwait, Nick Whitlock, Mark Hutchinson, Andrew Butcher, ? Wedgewood, Ron Bickerdike, Martin Harding, ? Lumas, Dave Graham, Mark Fowler.

Third row: Graham Duck, ?? , ?? , Guy Gibson, Ray Barnes, ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , Ray Silver, Steve Bradley, John Preston.

Second row: John Templeman, Steve Jackson, Mark Lightfoot, Dave Toulson, ??, ?? , Graham Morrison, ?? , Geoffrey Grayson, Mark Unthank, Michael Tyreman, Stephen Whitlock, Andrew Conn.

Front row: Simon Wedgewood, ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , Christopher Smith, Trevor Himsworth, Sean Gray, Adrian Hardy, Andrew Tabner, ?? , ?? .

Image courtesy of Pam Morrison and names to date; additional names from John Preston and Steve Jackson, also thanks to Dean Gibson for update.

Loftus Scouts (1960)

This photograph of a group of Loftus Scouts was taken at the same time as the image of Loftus Scout Committee (1960) in the old Scout Hut.  (If you don’t believe me just look at the stuff on the table).

Norman Pass (far right) Scout Master, Mink Simpson (centre rear) Assistant Scout Master and Joe Ward (to left of Norman Pass) Assistant Scout Master are in this picture and the one below.

Do you recognise any of the Scouts?  Were you one of them?  What was the party for?

Image and names (and titles) to date courtesy of John Hicks.

More Loftus Scouts (1960)

The same party, and now known to be a joint Xmas party for Loftus and Liverton Mines Scouts in 1962; but more boys in the picture.

Back row: George Hebron?, Mike Swales, Roger Hall, ??, ??, Derek Swales, Albert Goldby, ??, Norman Pass, Joe Ward, Mink Simpson.

Middle row: Graham Nellist, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, David Bateman, Michael Bateman.

Front row: ??, Colin Foster, David Hebron, ??, ??, ??, standing: ??, ??, ??.

Can you help with names of the Scouts?

Image and some names courtesy of John Hicks, thanks to Eric Johnson and Alan Walker for the updated names; also thanks to Joe Ward for additional information.

Loftus Scouts Committee (1960)

Taken in the old Scout hut this is the committee of Loftus Scouts.

Back Row: Mink Simpson (Assistant Scout Master), Elizabeth Moor, Albert Goldby, Norman Pass (Scout Master), Joe Ward (Assistant Scout Master), John Bennett (Senior), John Bennett (Junior).

Front Row: Muriel Covell, Hannah Nellist, Elsie Pass, Agnes Swales, Olive Bennett.

Image courtesy of John Hicks and Joe Ward.