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Scouts in Switzerland

A group photograph of 1st Loftus Scouts; taken in Switzerland 2010.

The names we have are: Jack Miller, Michael Lees, Kate Morrison, Ray Silver, Tom Rix, Jono Urban, Helen Lees, Tom Limon, Chris Lindsey, Ryan Mckinnon, George Jackson, Emma Silver, Pam Lees, Billy Hume, Alex Williams, Isobel Silver, Sean Ramsay, John Dickinson, Alec Silver, Jordan Vasey, Joseph Thompson, Linda Arkless, Ben Roberts, Keith Arkless, Cal Halton, Dave Lees, Helen Tyreman.

Image courtesy of Dave Lees.

Loftus Youth Club

This photograph of a group of Loftus Youth Club members was taken about the time that the Lord Lieutenant of the North Riding visited Loftus.
Left to right: Jackie Faye, Shirley Laws, Moira Smith, Bernard Powell, Jackie Noble, Beryl Watson (her father was a Police Inspector), Marion Cox, Rita Ward (Mrs. Unthank), ’Taxi’ Goldby. Eric Johnson advised: “The young man in front is Bernard Powell aged 13.” Barbara McBurney assists us with: ”Moira Smith, my cousin is standing next to Shirley Laws behind Bernard Powell.”
Image courtesy of Jack Noble and Rita Unthank, thanks Rita Unthank for names, also to Eric Johnson and Barbara McBurney for the updates.

Scout Hut Fire

Scout Hut Fire

Loftus Scouts Hut destroyed by fire, we wondered “When did this disaster occur, can someone tell us?” Dean Gibson has come to the rescue: “If my memory serves me correctly, the fire took place in second half of 1982, not long after the Troop’s exhibition to mark the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the Scout movement. Several Scouts ran the exhibition, having spent quite a while beforehand tidying the hut up for the event. The hut originally housed workmen building the Ballistic Missile Early Warning Site at RAF Fylingdales and I believe was secured for the Troop by Mr Norman Pass.” Norman Pass was the Scout Leader at Loftus for many years

Image courtesy of Dave Lees; thanks also to Dean for the update and additional information.

Skinningrove And Eskdale Choir

Back row: P. Boocock, J. Stonehouse, R. Day. K. Summersgill, R. McBurnie, W. H. Fellows, G. E. Willis.
Middle row: N. Rowe, F. Templeman, M. Grout, B. Palfrafam, L. Bonnard, J. Bennison, V. Day.
Front row: J. Smith, H. Brown (Hon. Secretary), Ray Conn (Accompanist), Mavis Hall (Conductor), J. Sargent (Chairman), F. Smith, T. S. Garbutt.
Photograph dated 1976; Winners of The Dorman Stewart Rose Bowl, Middlesbrough Music Festival, The W. A. and E. Barker Cup. Eskdale Tournament of Song 1988/89. The Normanby Cup, Eskdale Tournament of, Song 1992/93. The Bingant Cup for highest marks in Eskdale Tournament of song 1993.

Image courtesy Frank Templeman.

A Cricket Team Puzzle

Help was needed with this photograph of a Cricket team; believed to be at Carlin How Ground.

Back row: Joe Cannon (Umpire), Bob Doe, Des Hitchin, Keith Coote, Robert Hart, Alan Gorman, Arthur Simpson, Fred Hudson, Arthur Hawkins (Invoice Dept. Manager).

Front row: Les Brittan, Ken Hopper (Pay Dept.?), Terry Main, Neil Harrison, David Sturman.

Colin Hart tells us: ”The photograph was taken at Carlin How football ground, where the Skinningrove works athletic club played their inter department cricket competition. The team looks like the Staff team. Guess around 1970.” Bob Doe tells us: ”It was the inter department trophy but I remember we also went to Workington that year to play their champions, but when we got there it was cancelled due to rain”.

Image courtesy Dave McGill and thanks to Brian Young, Colin Hart and Bob Doe for the updates.

Brickies Bury Cup

Not the clearest of photographs and again we asked for names. Tony informs us: ”Names copied from same picture in pastimes football section.” Richard Barnes also supplied some names commenting: ” I scored our only goal, we got beat 3-1! Sadly Phil Wilks has now died.”

Back row: Richard Barnes, Barry Thomas, Terry Dove, Philip Wilks, Billy Jackson, Micky Wilson, Colin Marshall.

Front row: Stephen Hines, Norman Smithers, Lampton Shepherd, Norman Breeze, Eric Taylor.

Image courtesy of  Colin Hart who would like any information on the Bury cup that you may have; also thanks to Tony and Richard Barnes for completing the names.

Footballers From The Senior School

Skinningrove school was where these budding footballers were from and some of the names are:-
Back row: Derick Garbutt, Donald Hatton, Brian Ferguson, Billy Winspear, ??, George Lettin.
Middle row: Micheal Buckingham, John Anderson, Arthur woodrow, Brian Soloman, Norman Hill.
Seated: ??,  Lawrence Smith.
Image courtesy of Maureen Anderson.

Carlin How Rovers


1927 or there abouts was the date of this photograph and the names of the men are,
Back row (left to right): ??, W. Driver, ‘Brom’ Williams, J. Hope, T. Gell.
Middle row: A. Goldby, Don Welford, G. Hall, A. Hall, William Carveth, J. Grimstead, L. Nicholson.
Front row: M. Martin, J. Nicholson, N. Leeks, ‘Pop’ Richards, Jim Grimstead.

Ann Robinson tells us: “Don Welford was my Dad. This photograph was taken before he lost his right arm in a works accident at Skinningrove steel works”.
Can anybody assist with the missing name?

Image courtesy of Maureen Anderson and many thanks to Ann Robinson for the update.

Well Done the Scouts

From ”Remember When” in the Evening Gazette, the caption tells us all, were you one of those Scouts? The original newspaper article dates from March 1960. Barbara McBurney has identified : “The three Cub Scouts in the back row are Robin Middleton, Michael Lindsey and Peter Collinson”. 
Image courtesy of Lilian Waton and thanks to Barbara McBurney for the update.

Tug O’ War

This image has caused some discussion! Terry Clarke identifies the place as ”Ben Scott’s playing field” on North Road, Loftus; with Clive (Sam) Simpson encouraging the team. The team is identified as The Jets (later known as Carlin How Jubilee Boomers and then Sam’s Triers). Tom Webster advises: ”This dates from the late 80′s, early 90′s and was part of a Loftus Fun Day organised by The Civic Trust/Loftus Development Trust and others. Two of the organisers Alan Caldwell and Jane Taylor, from the Loftus Civic Trust are seated on the grass.”              
Image courtesy of Eric Johnson and thanks to Terry Clarke and Tom Webster for the updates.