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Happy Retirement

Do you remember the 79 United service? The bus serves as an excellent back drop to the presentation for Doreen Wesson on her retirement after 37 years of working all at the United Loftus Bus Depot. Who else can you recognise in the photograph?

Pictured are: ??, ??, Eric Jackson, Joan Soloman, Irene ? ‘Flossy’, Doreen Wesson, Jenny Campbell, Ken Meehan (Depot Manager).

Image (from a newspaper clipping) courtesy of Eric Johnson, thanks to Ray Brown for the update.

A Liverton Mines or Loftus Wedding?

This was the wedding of Louis McGuire and Ronnie Patton; however the location is still unsure, can anybody assist with both location and a date. The bride was Louis McGuire and the groom Ronnie Patton (Norman Patton’s aunt and uncle).  To the right of Ronnie is Betty McGuire (who was a Post Lady at Loftus for many years), to the left of Betty is ‘Tie Pin’ Ted Winspear!  Norman Patton advises :”The picture could be Loftus or Liverton Mines,  I guess?  The likely date is around mid 1940s?” Can anybody assist?

Image and details courtesy of Norman Patton.

George and Dorothy Preston – 1951.

George Preston and Dorothy Light pictured in Coronation Park, Loftus 15th September 1952; after their wedding in the Congregational Church, Loftus. John Preston told the Archive: “George was born in Greatham, Hartlepool in 1907 and served for over 27 years in the Metropolitan Police (London) spanning the Second World War. After retiring from the Police, he eventually worked at the Blackett Hutton Foundry, Guisborough. Dorothy was born in Goathland in 1915, her father being killed in action in April 1918. During the Second World War Dorothy was a Leading Aircraft Woman with 402 Squadron Bomber Command. Dorothy’s mother married Fred Gallilee in 1944 and they lived in Coronation Road before moving to 41 West Road. Dorothy died in 1977 and George in 1984.”

Image and information courtesy of John Preston.

Ann Robinson Cutting Her Wedding Cake

Later the same day (28th July 1956), Ann and Lewis Robinson are pictured cutting their wedding cake following their wedding at St Helen’s Church, Carlin How. Ann Robinson has also told us: “The reception was held in Carlin How Club Hall as it was then called”.

Image and update courtesy of Ann Robinson.

Ann Seymour Marrying Lewis Robinson 1956

Pictured outside St Helen’s Church,  Carlin How; are Ann Seymour and her new husband Lewis Robinson on 28th July 1956. Perhaps you were at the wedding?

Image courtesy of Ann Robinson.

Loftus War Memorial Dedication

Loftus War Memorial Dedication

At 2pm on 11th November, 1922, (one year after the end of registration of deaths due to the War or its effects), the Memorial at Loftus was formally consecrated. Built by Mr. C. Hebditch the Celtic Cross, to a design by B J Wormleighton;made of Cornish granite, stands on a site in the High Street donated by Lord Zetland.  Mrs. G. Locker (who lost two sons in the conflict) and Mr. W. Hoggarth D.C.M. performed the unveiling of the monument that commemorates the dead of the First World War.  The total cost of £815 was raised by donations and collections.  Sir Hugh Bell was guest speaker, the service was conducted by ministers of all religions, each taking a part of the service.

The guard of honour and firing party was provided by 4th Battalion, Queen Alexander’s Own, the Yorkshire Regiment, also known as the Green Howards. The local Battalion of the local Regiment had recruited so many of the men whose names were inscribed on the bronze tablets at the base of the Celtic Cross.

In the background can be seen Oliver’s buildings – a house and a coachhouse, a butcher’s shop and three cottages – which were owned by the Catholic Church and later demolished.

Image courtesy of Eileen Hicks and many thanks to Stuart Cole for information regarding the guard of honour and firing party.


Mr and Mrs Hyde

Mr and Mrs Hyde

A very cold snowy day in February 1956 when Eileen Money married Bill Hyde, also in the photo, Biddy Webster, best man, Betty Yeoman, brides cousin, Fred Robins, groomsman and Joan Money brides sister.

Image courtesy of Eileen Hyde

The Dickinson Wedding

The Dickinson Wedding

After the main event time for the official photographs; our main group is: Edgar Snowdon, Gina Snowdon, Andrew Dickinson, Paula Dickinson (nee Snowdon), Gerry Dickinson, Margaret Dickinson.

A 1959 Wedding

A 1959 Wedding

Dating from 1959, this lovely image of the Yeates wedding with the returning bridal party. Can we have assistance with naming all of the party? Perhaps you were there and have happy memories of the event?

The Grey Christening

The Grey Christening

A lovely image of the Grey family christening at St Joseph’s Church.