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Loftus Junior School 1964

The third year class of Loftus Junior School, pictured in 1964, outside the entrance to Loftus Junior School. The Archive could only identify one pupil and Mr Philpot (his wife was the Librarian at Loftus Library for several years!); having asked for assistance the responses have been wonderful!. Janis Bonner believes: “I think this is later than 1964 probably more like 1968.This class was the year below me. I recognise some of these children.” Terry Shaw adds: “I believe this was 1968.” Terry has memories of Mr Philpot : “He was a good teacher but very strict, quite handy with the slipper, remember nice warm afternoons with him reading Swallows and Amazons.”

Back row: Marcus Burnside, Steven Found, Peter Metcalf, Dave Danby, Brian Fletcher, David Thompson, Matthew Fisher, Howard Birtwhistle, Brian Barrett, Terry Shaw.

Middle row: Martin Walley, David Anderson, Dennis Cowey, Catherine McMasters, Kath Findlay, Katherine Stamford, Pat Puckrin, Denise Conn, Carol Magor, Shirley Greener, Regan Davey, Graham Goodwill, Chris Lindsey.

Front row: Janet Smith, Angela Cook, Julie Harding, Julie Easton, Pauline Dodds Mr Colin Philpott (Teacher), Maureen Thirsk, Judith O’Cain, Julie Wood, Carol Gibson, Lynne Bottomley.

Image courtesy of Marian Toulson, thanks to Janis Bonner, Terry Shaw, and Judith O’Cain for the updates; many thanks to Dave Danby and Martin Walley for finalising the names.

Loftus Junior School Football Team – 1969/70.

The Loftus Junior School Football team of 1969/70 is pictured with their ‘Manager’ Mr Stonehouse (a Teacher at the school).

Back row: Steven Harding, Ricky Halton, Barry Simpson, David Parkinson, John Rigg, John Preston, Mark Wilson, Peter Hart.

Front row: Robin Smith, Malcolm Wilson, Kevin Gates, Michael Newton, Garry Hicks.

Image and names courtesy of John Preston.

Loftus Junior School 1969/70.

1969/70 was the last (their fourth) year at Loftus Junior School for these pupils in Mrs Leyborne’s class.

Back row: Ian Atkinson, Stephen Boyes, Andrew Bright, John Preston, Kevin Gates, Barry Simpson, John Rigg, Les Barnes, Brian Allanson, Colin Locker, Colin Jemson, Steven Harding.

Middle row: Michael Newton, Avril Mortimer, Ruthe Fowle, Marie Swales, Teresa Snow, ??, Mavis Laity, Trevor Legg.

Front row: ? Garbutt, Susan Stonehouse, Janet Codling, Marie Allinson, Janice Cox, ??, Mrs. Leyborne (Teacher), Marie Stringer, Susan Jackson, Yvonne Preston, Andrea Marsay, Jill Britain.

Image and names to date courtesy of John Preston, thanks to Ricky Halton for the update on names.

Eskdale Tournament of Song 1957

Back row: Jeannie McLaughlan, Susan Dobson Rita Markham, Miss Hazel Wood (music teacher), Christine Lee, Barry Winspear, Caroline Mortimer, Christina Whetton.
Fourth row: Michael Bateman, Graham Nellist, David Bateman, Eileen Chadwick, Heather McGingle, Joyce Liddiard.
Third row: Alan Walker, Jean Macro, Brenda Ferguson, Christine Codling, David Peggs.
Second row: Helen Fowle Marion Magor, Judy William, Jill Rawson, Frances Colbeck, Florence Cornforth, Wendy Jackson.
Front row: Carol Murray, Judy Rowe, Roger Hore, Mary or Elizabeth Harris, John Trevillion, Dorothy Collins, Annie Preston, Irene McGill.
Image courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle).

Top Secret Plans??

A play by Loftus Junior School, possibly a detection theme based on the pipe! Left to right: ??, ??, ??, Ivan Gallilee, ??, ??, ??. Can you assist with names and a date?
Image courtesy of Janet Wilson.

Loftus Zetland Juniors 1958

Miss Marion Lightfoot’s class with their summer class photograph 0f 1958.
Back row: Derek Miller, Tony Temple, Graham Lightfoot, Douglas Johnson, David Peggs, Ronald Watson, John Summerfield, William Boal, Peter Laverick.
Middle row: Ian Legge, John Chipchase, Anne Stephenson, Rita Markham, Tina Wilson, Christine Lee, Joan Verrill, Kathleen Danby, Cynthia Tyreman, Christine Sickling, Frances Vincent, Judy Williams, Brian Richardson, Michael Wilson.
Front row: Barbara Mead, Christine Drew, Pat Dyke, Anne Marie Elliott, MarilynWale, June Lightfoot, Miss Marion Lightfoot (teacher), Dorothy Collins, Marilyn Leng, Florence Cornforth, Ann Rowland, Annie Preston, Ann Horner.
As there were more 40 or more pupils, some were known to have been absent from this image; including Elizabeth Harris, Sheila Dorgan and Cody Hutchinson.
Image and names to date courtesy of a viewer who ”spent a happy hour remembering time tables, steam trains, lino and nearly empty roads!”

Mrs Blades and her class (fourth years) – 1981

We asked for help as we could not put a name to anyone on this photograph loaned to us by Mrs Sakaropoulus. Can you name anyone?

Back row: Stephen Yeoman, Neil Skidmore, Shaun Bowman, Mark Hawkins, Graham Stringer, Paul Evans, Simon Whittaker, Michael Lanigan, Neil Knox, Martin Pountain, Mark Smith, John Hodgson, Michael Marsay, John Tomlinson, Colin Mason, Scott Bevons and Gary Dewsbury.

Front row: Amanda Patton, Tracy Taylor, Barbara Jacques, Emma Pauli, Clare Ditchburn, Sharon Couse, Sheena Flood, Emma Collin, Joanne Welford and at the front Heather ? and Theresa Dyer.

Joan Welford tells us: ”This is a Loftus Juniors picture. It is of Mrs Blades and her class of fourth years taken on the school field, probably before we were all due to leave for Rosecroft. And the year was 1981.” Scott Bevons commented: “Wow! I haven’t seen this picture since it was taken, well done Joanne Welford for remembering the names.” Colin Mason commented: “happy days. Still see Martin Pountain. Loved living in Lotus. I joined army; in Green Howard’s for 9 years. Now tanker driver living in Eston, hope everyone is fit and well.”

Image courtesy of Mrs Sakaropoulus and many thanks to Joanne Welford, Scott Bevons and Colin Mason for the updates on names.

The Queen Of Hearts

The Queen Of Hearts

Another one of Peter Thompson’s photographs a little before the grammar school, can you recognise anyone in the photo, we realised it was the Duncan Place site of Loftus Junior School.

Norman Patton believes:”I feel sure that I am half right with the girls on the front row:  Sheila Potts,  Kathleen Grant,  Mary Shaw (Bielby) and Doreen Edis!” Can anybody else assist? Sheila Potts tells us: ”Norman is correct.  I have this photo and can identify most of the others.  Back row from the left, with trumpet.  Dorothy Harmer, Diane Bannister, Judith Dean,? ,Michael Dadd, Raymond Harrison , William Morrish,Pamela Middleton.  I still know my line, although I forgot it on the night.  “Your table your majesty.”

Thanks to Norman for the update and Sheila for confirming all but one of the remainder of the cast.

Sweet Children.

This photograph of Loftus Junior School includes the following children:-
Back row: ? Maughan, Joyce Bibby (Markham), Mavis Sawdon, Shiela Breckon, Peggy Adamson (Theaker), Jean Owen (Ogden), Doreen Anderson, Doreen Jackson (Barratt), Mary Skilbeck, Joyce Morley, Emily Stuart, ? Maughan.
Middle row: Doreen Nattress, Hazel Wood, Lillian Hodgeman, Kathleen Trowsdale, Betty Elders.
Front row: Desmond Carter, Jack Noble, Bernard Forrest.

Image and names courtesy of Jackie Noble.

Loftus Junior School – Fancy Dress

Obviously the pupils assembled in the yard for a parade or judging. Janet Thompson tells us it was about 1953 and she was 3rd from left dressed as a geisha girl.

Can anybody assist with names.
Image courtesy of Marian Toulson and thanks to Janet Lingard (nee Thompson) for the update.