Loftus Wool Fair

The Victoria County History  – A History of the County of York North Riding: Volume 2 1923 – among the description of Loftus, includes:”A yearly wool fair is held in June.” However William White’s History and Gazetteer 1840 states: ”A market is held every Thursday, and fairs for cattle on June 24th and 25th, and on the Thursdays before May-day and Martinmas.” So although we appear to yet another image of Loftus Wool Fair – it is possible many other activities were going on at the same time, hence the variety of stalls and well dressed nature of all attending. Could this possibly include a hiring fair?

Image courtesy of Olive Bennett.

Loftus Market Place

The annual Loftus Wool Fair was the greatest event of the year for the town. It was held for two days, beginning on the Friday nearest to 25th June. On that occasion families from all round the area met in Loftus to join in the activities. The fair was held until the early 1930’s. The Cleveland Village Book written by the Cleveland Federation of Women’s Institutes tells us: ”Loftus has been a market town for many years and has always provided a focal point for the outlying areas. The ancient Wool Fair continued until fairly recently, the final one being in 1938, with the advent of the Wool Board.  A committee was formed to revive the Wool Fair and in 1989 a very successful attempt was made to do so, although the inherent ’wool’ of the Wool Fair was replaced by a feeling of celebration of an old market rather than the selling of the fleeces as in the old days. There is a building: situated between the present Post Office and the Town Hall which was previously the wool warehouse.”

Image courtesy of Joan Yeoman.

Market Place from the West

A view of the South side of the Market Place, the Market Place is obviously set out for a market or some sort of sale, with stalls on either side of the road. The image is from the book of views of Loftus; ”Cooke’s Views of Loftus and District”.

Image courtesy of John G. Hannah.

Market Place, Loftus

An excellent image of the  Golden Lion Hotel, the Regal Cinema and we can also see the Barclay’s Bank, quite a few pedestrians about but not much traffic.  Believed to date from the 1950s, the Archive would welcome assistance in dating the image?

Meadow Dairy – Loftus

Meadow Dairy was on the High Street, next to the present day Post Office; previously a Tattoo Parlour and is now part of the ‘My Price’ food shop. In 1924 the Manager was Mr Joe Anderson and is shown flanked by two assistants, one of whom is known to be Miss Elsie Burton and an unknown assistant. Mr Anderson won prizes for window dressing and many of his displays were astonishing.

Can anybody help in identification of the other young lady?


Loftus Post Office

Not the Post Office as we know today, at the time this image was taken the Post Office stood quite a way back from the road; where the cafe stands now. Opposite the Town Hall; from photographs we know that the Post Office has been in at least three different locations in Loftus.

Image courtesy of the Pem Holliday Collection.

Dyson Nutt, Loftus Market Place, 1918

Once again the caption to the image says it all! Dyson Nutt is pictured in Loftus Market Place; there are flags and balloons hanging from the windows of the White Horse in the background and many people about. Possibly the declaration of peace at the end of World War I. Dyson lived in his later years in the house with the white pillars beside the catholic presbytery, in Loftus Market Place.