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Loftus from Hartleys Field

Hartley’s Field must have been where the houses in Gaskell Lane now stand, so-called as the Miller at Loftus Mill for many years was Jonathan Hartley. The view over the millpond and mill looks up towards the back of Zetland Road. I have just realised that the scaffolding, top left, would have been on the Congregational Church.  The postcard produced by T.C. Booth of Loftus was posted in September, 1906.

Image courtesy of Jean Hall.

Loftus Mill, Loftus

There was me thinking we didn’t have a picture of Loftus Mill and there was one lurking in the cabinet all along!

Loftus Mill

A lovely picture of the mill with the pond in the foreground and the reflections in the pond make this place look idyllic. This hand tinted postcard in the Auty series gives a view of Loftus Mill across the mill pond, an idyllic image, with an impressive pink (sunset?) glow behind the buildings backing the Mill.

Image courtesy of John G. Hannah.

Loftus Mill

The winter of 1906 was when this postcard view was taken and what a lovely photograph it is; the reflections in the pond are beautiful.

Image courtesy of Pauline Ovington.

The Mill, Loftus

This postcard image of Loftus Mill is by John Thomas Ross – a well-known Whitby photographer – he possibly even met John Sanderson who was miller of Loftus Mill in 1871 census. John Sanderson was married to Mary Welford.

Image courtesy of Ruth Wilcock and thanks to Ann Wilkinson for the information.

Loftus Mill

This coloured view of the mill was posted in 1905.  The picture has been taken from the field above the millpond, and the rear of Odd-Fellows Hall  can be clearly seen in the background.

Image courtesy of Jean Hall.

Loftus from below Co-op Terrace

This is a more unusual view of Loftus, looking over the mill and Liverton Road, with the Station Hotel standing out and Liverton Mines just visible in the background, taken from a postcard postmarked 2nd January 1905.

Image courtesy of Jean Hall.

Station Road, Loftus

A horse and cart and a cyclist in Station Road, it must have been busy day! This lovely photograph showing the Congregational Church and Westfield Terrace in the background.

Image courtesy of Mrs Sakelaropoulos.

Zetland Road

A quiet sunny day in Loftus, the awnings are down to protect the shop windows from the sun. A more modern view, but not a lot of people out shopping and not much traffic.

Zetland Road

I wouldn’t try standing around in Zetland Road like this today. I wonder – are the men selling the horse?

Image courtesy of Joan Jemson.