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Stockton High Street

Stockton High Street

Postcard dated 1905, High Street Stockton, Market day. The centre of the photo is dominated by the Town Hall built in 1735. The Market Cross, a Doric column 33 Feet high dates from 1768.
The Imperial Tramways open top decker trundles past, Thornaby bound.
Image courtesy Tina Dowey.

Linthorpe Road Middlesbrough

Linthorpe Road Middlesbrough

Posted in 1904, this view of Linthorpe road, at the junction with Corporation road. We can see Collingwoods Jewellers on the right hand corner and the Kings Head Hotel on the left; which became Newhouses Store and is now Debenhams.
Postcard courtesy of Tina Dowey.

Parker’s Dining Rooms – Middlesbrough

When the Archive first viewed this photograph the title of the establishment was intriguing; and researches then had to be carried out. Eric  Johnson advised: “This image is from the book ‘Middlesbrough’2’ by Araf Chohan. A pre-1914 photograph of Parker’s Dining Rooms, located at 34 Bridge Street East. The spire of St Peter’s church, above rooftops was destroyed in bombing raid in 1940.” The paving on the street in front also caused some comment, being the traditional slag bricks, but laid in a herringbone pattern; unlike the streets in Carlin How with the traditional right to left straight lines.

Thanks to Eric Johnson for the update.

Who, Where and When Yet Again!

I’m not having the best of nights tonight! I don’t think the photographer was either, tilting the picture!

Another of those unknown images – can anybody enlighten us?

Inside North Ormesby Hospital

We thought this was Skinningrove, but now are reliably informed it is North Ormesby! We have also been reliably informed that the wards at Skinningrove would have a similar layout and positioning of beds, as well as heating arrangements! A poor image but you can see the nurses  standing by the beds of  the patients. Ann Jackson suggested: “It could be one of the medical wards. The wards were much the same layout in the late 1960’s when I started my training. They were more modern with central heating and the fire places had gone.” Rod Clarkson has confirmation with: “definitely St Michael’s or St Luke’s Wards at North Ormesby Hhospital (depending if was ground floor or 1st floor). The layout was much the same in late 1970’s when I trained there.”

Many thnaks to Ann Jackson and Rod Clarkson for those updates.