Loftus Co op Staff

Co-op male staff photographed in front of Trillo’s ice cream parlour; with ‘Lol’ Trillo in the doorway.
Back row: Ron Darby, Harry Waite (Manager),  Jack ? (storeman).
Front row: ? Smith, Harry Hall, John Conn.
Can we have assistance with names for the gentlemen and a possible date?

Enjoying the Sunshine at Trillos

Loftus Co-op staff, pose outside Trillo’s ice cream shop. Back row: Ron Danby, Harry Waite (Manager), Jack ? (storeman).
Middle Row: ? Cummings, Joan Hall, ??, Jean Harrison.
Front row: ??, ? Smith (?), Harry Hall, John Conn.
Again we would welcome assistance with names, can you help?

The Grey Christening

The Grey Christening

A lovely image of the Grey family christening at St Joseph’s Church.

100 Years St Joseph's

100 Years St Joseph's

Mayor Eric Jackson (himself a former pupil of St Joseph’s in Deepdale Road) was an honoured guest at the celebrations.

Christmas at the Co-op

Loftus Co-op, 1950-1960s. Christmas with the staff of the grocery department:-
Left to right, Frank Winspear, Mary Smallwood, Margaret Vasey, Pam Smith, Marjorie Rigg, Ruth Webster, Audrey Magor, Graham Weed.
Two men seated, Harry Waite, George Scaife.

Many thanks to Keith Cook and Michael Matthews for the update on names. Keith has happy memories of the Co-op where he worked before moving away and has now gained contact with Marjorie.

Loftus Senior School 1947ish?

Loftus Senior School 1947ish?

We have a little puzzle for you all, can you fill in the names of this school photograph and assist with the year?
Back row: Mr Norminton, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Don Bowers, ??, ??, ??, Mrs Best.
Third row: ??, ??, ??, ??, Brenda Lightfoot, Ann Edwards, ??, ??, ??, ??, Clarence White.
Second row: ??, ??, ??, Claire Boothby, ??, ??, Enid Hill, ??, Nancy Peart, Elaine Kilvington, Mary Cole.
Front row (on floor): Colin Atkinson, ??, ??.
Image courtesy of Brenda Lightfoot, also thanks to Ray Brown and Derick Pearson for the updates.

West End Troupe December 1934

‘With all Good Wishes for a Happy Xmas’ is the message on the image. The Troupe are named as; Back row: Dorothy Appleby, Kenneth Westhorp, Margery Wallace, Jack Atkinson, Joyce Legg, Frank Wright, Nancy Watson.
Middle row: Margery Westhorp, Irene Wood, Betty Atkinson, Margery Ferrer. Front (seated): Dennis Appleby.
Image and names courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle).

West End Charity Concert Party 1932

Irene Cook, then aged 10 years features in this image, Helen can tell us that her mother is first girl on the left. Can anybody assist with other names?
Tall girl at back: ??, standing row: ??, Irene Fowle, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??.
Seated: ??, ??.

Image and name courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle).

West End Concert Party 1931

Again we are missing names in this delightful image of the Concert party; Helen can tell us that her mother (Irene Wood) but that is all, can we have help please?
Back row: ??, ??, ??.
Middle row: ??, ??, ??, Irene Wood, ??, ??.
Front (seated): ??.
Image and name courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle).

Dancing Troupe – Loftus Concert Party 1934

Bearing the inscription ‘With Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas & a Happy & Prosperous New Year’, this image features: Irene Wood, Dorothy Appleby, Nancy Watson.
Image and names courtesy of Helen Cook (nee Fowle).