Loftus Scout Group c. 1975

The Cubs have been joined by the Troop for this Group photograph.

Back row: Norman Pass, Tony Biddlestone, Alan Douthwait, Nick Whitlock, Mark Hutchinson, Andrew Butcher, ? Wedgewood, Ron Bickerdike, Martin Harding, ? Lumas, Dave Graham, Mark Fowler.

Third row: Graham Duck, ?? , ?? , Guy Gibson, Ray Barnes, ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , Ray Silver, Steve Bradley, John Preston.

Second row: John Templeman, Steve Jackson, Mark Lightfoot, Dave Toulson, ??, ?? , Graham Morrison, ?? , Geoffrey Grayson, Mark Unthank, Michael Tyreman, Stephen Whitlock, Andrew Conn.

Front row: Simon Wedgewood, ?? , ?? , ?? , ?? , Christopher Smith, Trevor Himsworth, Sean Gray, Adrian Hardy, Andrew Tabner, ?? , ?? .

Image courtesy of Pam Morrison and names to date; additional names from John Preston and Steve Jackson, also to Dean Gibson for update.

4 comments to Loftus Scout Group c. 1975

  • John Preston

    I know cos I was there!!. On Norman’s left shoulder Tony Biddlestone, Alan Douthwait, Nick Whitlock, Mark Hutchinson, Andrew Butcher, Ron Bickerdike, Martin Harding, ?, ?, Dave Graham, Mark Fowler, ME (John Preston)and on Ray Silvers left shoulder is Stev Bradley.

  • John Preston

    I made a mistake. To Ron Bikerdike’s left is ? Wedgewood, can’t recall who is to his left but next to dave graham is on of the Lumas brother Peter or David they were twins so your guess is a good as mine.


  • Dean Gibson

    I am afraid I am not in this photograph, I was never a Cub Scout. I believe someone has mistaken me for Andrew Tabner (front row, 3rd from the right)? In the 3rd row, the Scout on the left of the young lad in the brown top is my brother Guy and on his left is Ray Barnes I believe. Finally, the young Cub in the front row, with all the badges, is Tony Biddlestone’s son, sadly unable to remember his name.

    Kind Regards
    Sqn Ldr Dean Gibson RAF, formerly of 1st Loftus Scouts 1978 – 83.

  • S J H Jackson

    Second row ..immediately right of John Templeton sit , in order , Steve Jackson, Mark Lightfoot and dear old Dave Toulson ( deceased)
    Best regards Deano. Steve Jackson, Loftus Cubs and Scouts from 1975 to 1982 approx.

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