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Glenhow School

Glenhow private school for boys, opened about 1884 and was previously two houses; it was briefly again used as a private residence between 1893 and 1901. The exact date it became Glenhow School is uncertain, it was visited by HRH Princess Anne 21st February 1986 and finally closing in 1992. By the time of closure in 1992 girls were also pupils at the school. Today it still stands and has been converted back to private housing.Mike Wilson writes: ”I attended Glenhow as a border in 1949-1950. The headmaster then was a Mr Percy Sykes. The school continued in operation into the 1970s under the jurisdiction of Mr John Amos (I think)and his wife Barbara. Sadly Mr Amos passed away just before my son, Miles Wilson, started there as an infant in 1978 under the headmastership of Mr Anthony Petgrave-Johnston. We migrated to Australia in 1982 and so lost touch with the school. We now understand that Glen Howe has closed down. If there are any ex-pupils that remember me or my son Miles I would be glad to hear from them.” Whilst Richard Gowing tells us: ”I attended Glenhow from 1944, when it was evacuated to the house in Helmsley which was the Bishop of Whitby’s country residence and now the HQ of the national park. We were rather crowded there but it was great fun, in a lovely location. After the war we returned to Saltburn where I remained until 1948 when I moved on to Oundle. Percy Sykes was a great headmaster and formative influence; among other things he gave me a love of music which I enjoy to this day. My other great teacher was Miss Margaret Grinyer; a schoolmate whom I particularly remember was Bruce Tulloh who later achieved fame as a barefoot runner. Happy memories! It was sad to learn from the web that the school later closed, but good to see that the building survives, as I saw when I visited Saltburn recently.” Andrew Scott reports: “Bruce’s passing was reported in the Telegraph Obituaries”. Chris Holmes also tells us: ”I went to Glenhow school as a boarder, in 1972 the headmaster was Mr Amos; I owe that man everything as he was fantastic. What a school, great days!” Sarah Sumner (Williams) tells: “I went to Glenhow school in the 1980s. I have so many happy memories, and meet friends for life. I have moved back near Saltburn-by-the-Sea and plan on going back to visit”. Ruth Smith advises: ”Just read that Robert Shaw the actor was a teacher at this school. (See Wikipaedia)”.

Many thanks to Mike Wilson, Richard Gowing, Andrew Scott, Sarah Sumner (Williams), Chris Holmes and Ruth Smith for the updates.

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  • Stephen JB James

    I was at Glenhow 1954-58, and my brother David James was there 1957-62. Percy Sykes was head when I arrived, but in 1955 or 56 John Rayson took over as head. After early homesickness I settled down and I have many happy memories of my time there. I went on to Rossall School in Lancashire, followed by Oxford University and then a career in marine insurance in London. I am married to a South African, and we divide our time between Wimbledon and Cape Town. If anyone out there remembers me I would be delighted to hear from them!

  • Peter Gee

    I remember you: If I’m right you came with me to my parents place in Norton on one of the visiting days when your people couldn’t come.
    I was there 54-57; remember Mr. Sykes and Mr Rayson, and Ms Grunyere (I think that’s right spelling) who taught Maths and French, also the Rutherfords who were head boy, and a returned head boy who came back as a teacher. A few other names are floating around in the back of my head, if I pin them down I’ll repost.

  • Neil Anderson

    I went to Glenhow School when it came back to Saltburn in 1946/47 until I then went to Worksop College. My grandson also went to Glenhow he was there when it closed and at the time Princess Ann visited he went on to Yarm school who’s Headmaster was Neville Tate also educated at Glenhow the same time as me.A lot of the boys went on to St Peters in York. I still live in the area and come across a few old boys of my time . I remember the Rutherfords, Mrs Musgrave was the cook for many years and her husband Frank was handyman. As you say very many Happy Memories. I am now 86.

  • Chris Bean

    I was an inmate from 1960 to 1966. From thence to Oundle. As a young lad Saltburn was an adventure playground with the beach, cliffs, and garlic woods being a fvourtie haunt. More memories than I can shake a stick at, and it is easy to remember the good stuff. However I have to be honest and say I did not want to be there, but we did as we were told right? My parents lived and worked abroad (father a Geologist) which is why my brother and I went to Glenhow Preparatory School. The only teachers I can remember the name of were Rayson (Head) and Dunbar.

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