The 50's Again

The 50′s Again

Once again the names were with  the photo, but I have altered some because I think they were wrongly named I know you will soon tell me if I am wrong.

Back row:  Robin Bielby, Joe Verrill, John Jefferson, Mike Grange, David Winspear, John Swales, Jonathan Clark.

Next row: Eric Johnson, Mike Batchelor, Harvey Wallaby, Peter Mortimer,  Christopher Williams,  Joyce Green, Wendy Gibson,  Shelagh Barwick, Jenny Blueitt, Mike Pearson, Fred Baldwin, Charles Peggs, Bob Ward,  Mike Hoare.

Next row:  Jean Warrell, Margaret Turnbull,  Christine Norminton, Jennifer Spearpoint, Barbara Cummings, Jean Shaw, Dorothy Bard, Dorothy Hill, Valerie Jackson, Veda Todd, Maureen Cook.

Seated: Peter Elwood, John Carter, John Oglesby.

2 comments to The 50′s Again

  • Carolyn Richards

    My brother Mike is 4th from left, back row. Surname Grange not Page. Not sure of the year but he was at Loftus juniors until 1952, then went on to Guisborough Grammar. May have a few more local photographs which could be of interest – I’ll bring them along when next in Loftus. Carolyn Richards (nee Grange)

  • eric johnson

    middle row bob ward, instead of dave winspear who is correctly named on top row.

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