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Skelton from Swilly Lane

This undated post card view of the lower part of Skelton High Street shows a conical hay stack on the site of the modern-day Sterne Cottages.
Image courtesy of Olive Bennett.

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  • The last house on the right, 27 High Street, was my family home from 1941 until 1953. My Grandmother (Mary Anne Dixon) died there in 1955, my mother moved to the South of England and I went to Boarding School in Berkshire. My uncle (John Dixon) and his family lived at 27, having moved from Loftus and later moved to a new bungalow Marske. Number 27 was then sold. My other family members, Frank and Marion Berwick lived just below the junction of Marske Lane and the High Street where they operated a Joinery business.

  • Ken Hannah

    My family moved in to the cottage in the lower right hand corner in December1956, and stayed until May 1967 when we moved to Kilton Mill.

  • Maxine Bell

    We have moved into Rose cottage recently. My Husband has being cutting back the hedge to stop the sandstone wall from falling down. We were both surprised that after years of growth an old coal bunker was revealed it was actually built into the wall. Can anyone shed any light on this. I would love to know the history of my home.

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