Loftus School’s Prize Pupils 1965

Loftus County Modern School Speech Day presentations by Alderman J. T. Fletcher; chairman of North Riding Education Committee. Mr Norminton commented that: ”as it was easier for children to find jobs, parents were willing to leave them at school for an extra year.” This in a period when jobs outnumbered school leavers. How times have changed!
Back row: Hazel Johnson, Mary Hall, ??, Steven Partlett.
Front: Mr Harold Norminton (Headmaster), Annette Steyert, Alderman Fletcher, Colin Grout, Keith Fowle, Talbert Jackson.

Image courtesy of Jean Carass; also many thanks to Chris Colbeck, Steven Partlett and Eileen Found for the updates.

4 comments to Loftus School’s Prize Pupils 1965

  • Christopher Colbeck

    Attempting to recall the names required. At the back looks like Hazel Johnson and far right Steven Partlett. Standing, between the Alderman and Keith, is Colin Grout.

  • Christopher Colbeck

    Regarding the comment of the headmaster. 1964 1965 was the first year when pupils could remain at school a further year and had an opportunity to sit exams for the Certificate of Secondary Education [CSE] which was a set little below the academic level of the GCE.

  • Steve Partlett

    Chris is right with his update of the names. Back row right is David Hampton. Front row girl is Annette Steyert The extreme right is Talbot Jackson. Despite being in the photo, I cannot remember why we were chosen ! However, I suspect that the photo was taken in the Foyer at the bottom of the stairs to the 1st and 2nd floors. Almost opposite were some stairs to the basement. In the basement was the Prefects room. I suspect that this was emptied for the photo! All those in the photo were Prefects, with the exception of Hazel, who was Head girl. At a guess the date is after Summer 1964 because in Summer 1965 some of those in the Photo left to attend Redcar Technical College for their fifth year.

  • Ann Jackson

    The blonde girl at the back between Hazel and Steven is Mary Hall from Hinderwell

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