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The Spa at Saltburn

The Spa at Saltburn

Built in 1884 as the Assembly Rooms and becoming known as the Spa Pavilion and familiar to all who travel up and down Saltburn Bank, originally known as ‘Cart Bank’. The original Assembly Rooms were to have been built on the corner of Britannia Terrace and Milton Street, but lack of funding was a problem.
The Spa catered for many social events for the town; concerts, dances, school presentations, ice & roller skating. I can remember seeing Paul Daniels as part of a dance and theatrical event, many years ago. The building is of course now the Spa Hotel, wedding venue, as well as providing accommodation and meals for visitors to the town.

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  • Anthony Simpson

    I remember the Spa from the 1960s and early 1970s. I saw Muffin the Mule and a number of events tied up with the International Eistedford the was popular at the time. My last visit was in 2016 when I stayed there.

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