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The Six Wives Again

Another image from the play Loftus Youth Club presented as part of the Cleveland Youth Drama Festival dating from the 1950s. We asked for assistance with names and placing. Margaret Roberts told the Archive: “Left to right, they are: Barbara Whitlock, Betty Thornton, Lorna Chipchase, Margaret Drew, Margaret Peel, Eileen May, Margaret Wood (ME!).” Elizabeth Watson confirmed with : “Lorna Chipchase is third from left.”

We can name the people in this image and the roles they played, they are pictured above (left to right): Barabara Whitlock (Jeanne de Wissant), Betty Thornton (Susanne d’Aire), Lorna Chipchase (Servant Girl), Margaret Drew (Marguerite de St. Pierre), Margaret Peel (Anne de Rosty), Eileen May (Katherine D’Oudel-bolle) and  Margaret Wood (Claire de Wissant). Many thanks for the wonderful response. Now we know who and where on the picture.

Image courtesy of Loftus Youth Club and thanks to Elizabeth Watson and Margaret Roberts for the updates.

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