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Happy Friends – Together

Happy Friends - Together

Malcolm Fenwick, Don Bowers, Marianne Jackson and Colin Morrison are seen enjoying a laugh, in the1950s.
Image courtesy of Keith Bowers.

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  • Norman Jackson

    Whenever I go back to the archives I constantly seek out folks who are Jacksons. I have juts noticed pictureof 1950’s with MARIANNE JACKSON enjoying a laugh.

    Can anyoyne, and I appreciate this relates back to 1950’s provide me with any information about her. My grandparents John Jackson and his wife are at peace in the cemetery in Hinderwell/Port Mulgrave. Their son, George Alan Jackson married my mother while he was stationed in Mauritius during WW2. I was born there in 1943 and my mother and I were sent to Port Mulgrave at war end and my brother Denis was born in 1943. Sadly I had an uncle,Eric Jackson,a gunner in the armed forces, marricd a lady by the (maiden) name of Viola Cooper. I understand that they never had a honeymoon as he was sent back to the front in France and he was killed (it may have been during the evacuation of Dunkirk.

    Any information one may have would be most appreciated.

    I can be contacted by email at or

    Best wishes and thanks from Down Under in Western Australia.

    Norman Jackson

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