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Gallihowe 1932

Gallihowe 1932

Mrs Wilkinson had written on this photograph, that these houses may have been built for the alum managers, now tell me where they were? A hint – this may be the location of Rawcliffe (Rockcliffe) Cottages, situated above Rockcliffe farm, near Street Houses and demolished pre Second World War. Could anybody assist in identifying the residents of the cottages? Following researches the Archive has discovered that in 1939; Elizabeth Nicholson who was born in 1857 was living at Gallihowe Farm and George Nicholson was living at No. 1 Street Houses.

Image courtesy of Mrs E. Wilkinson (via Keith Bowers).

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  • ericj

    In the late 1940’s early 1950’s,Betty “GRAVES” lived with her family in the left hand cottage. The small out building was the Wash house, toilet down the field, and a well for water. Myra and Eddie Cross lived next door. The word “HOWE” in Gallihowe is an ancient word for a “GRAVE”. And in the field behind the Cottages was discovered the Anglo Saxon Cemetery containing the “GRAVE” of the Anglo Saxon Princess.

  • David C

    I have a copy of the same picture. My grandfather was born at Gallihow. His parents and paternal grandparents are shown as living there, along with his elder brother, in the 1911 census records. I am not sure when the family moved from Gallihow, but I believe that by the time the photograph was taken my grandfather was working for Mr J Gill at Ellerby.

    My grandfather once said that the building stone from Gallihow was re-used in the construction of a new house somewhere in the North Yorks Moors area. I have no further details, and I am not sure if my grandfather knew any more about this matter.

  • David C

    I also have a copy of a photograph, possibly dating from about 1938, showing ‘the Nicholson family from Gallihowe’. It does not identify where it was taken, but it appears to have been related to my great-great-grandmother’s 80th birthday. It shows her with her seven children, George (my great-grandfather), Jack, William, Maude (aka Shand?), Esther (Cossey), Sally (Dawe) and Elizabeth (Garbutt).

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