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Loftus Young Farmers

Loftus Young Farmers

Loftus Young Farmers in 1950 from a photograph by W.E. Shaw, 10 North Road Loftus (Tel. Loftus 190).
Back row (left to right): ??, Alan Wood, George Bosomworth, John Proud, John Wood, ??.
Middle row: Barbara Elsegood, Mavis Dawson, Frank Gibson, Walker (twin), Les Brittan, Walker (twin), ??, Joan Bradbury, ??, Dick Miller.
Seated: Ann Edwards, Mrs Gibson, Bill Richardson, Winnie Hutchinson, Guy Stevenson, Tom Tom Robinson, Tom Gibson, Joe Allanson.
Front: Adriane Elsegood, John Turnbull, ? Turnbull, Elizabeth Bradbury.
Image and majority of names courtesy of Mavis Stevenson, thanks to Rita Beckham for the update.

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