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Loftus Wool Fair

Loftus Wool Fair

This image from a newspaper cutting is clearly dated 1910. It is obviously a different year from the images elsewhere on the site, based upon style of dress and arrangements of the stalls.

From a slightly later date we have a personal reminiscence of the Wool Fair from Mrs L .E.  Johnson of Loftus, she says: ”The fair was a diversion in the 1920’s which we all enjoyed. The Wool Fair was an annual event in June. The cattle and poultry, etc., were sold in the recreation field in Micklow Lane. We used to rush home from school at dinner time to see all the animals because it was all over when school finished at 4 o’clock.

On one side of the Market Place (no busses or cars then) there were produce stalls including a fish and chip van. It was fascinating to see the owner stoking up the firfe under the pans.

In the corner where the telephone now stands there were two swinging boats and a roundabout. On the opposite side of the market, Joh Dawson Robinson sold farm machinery (on the corner now occupied by the Post Office), George Dale sold crockery and Charley Turner, a popular character, had his stall outside the Golden Lion Hotel.”


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