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This young lady featured a lot in Loftus School Sports activities. Unfortunately the Second World War put a dampener on the athletics, but here on a Matchless G3 is Brenda Varty, sorry Private Varty, B, W/249378, – in khaki and carrying despatches for 913 Coy. R.A.S.C.

I seem to remember the G3 was a real boneshaker – I had a later model with ”jampot” rear suspension!
(image courtesy of Brenda Horness)

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  • John Aitken

    Fantastic. Growing up as your next door neigbour at 3 woodview, I knew that Uncle Less drove a tank and ate Germans (Sorry to any Germans reading) with salt and pepper, and you rode dispatch, but hadn’t seen a picture until this one. Thanks.

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