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Wilton ICI Flare Stacks

Even in 1973 the Wilton flare stacks caused problems.
Image courtesy of Owen Rooks.

2 comments to Wilton ICI Flare Stacks

  • Andrew Pryce

    I remember the flares vividly, we lived in Redcar on the old Lakes Estate and Iwas working in Guisborough at Blackett Hutttons at the time as a machinist. Used to drive past and see the flares.

  • Keith Willshaw

    It was much more of a problem back then. I started as an apprentice at ICI Wilton in 1968 and was around until Olefines VI had been built in the mid 70’s. That amount of smoke would get you into trouble today as the regulations require that in normal operation no visible smoke should be produced. If nothing else it means unburned hydrocarbons are being emitted which could be toxic, carcinogenic or both.

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