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Carlin How Flower Girls (1950’s)

Carlin How Flower Girls (1950's)

Derick Pearson provided this image with names already on, it should make it easier for someone to name the rest then!  However we already have a query from a possible person present. Can anybody assist? It would be nice to know the origin of the flower festival in Carlin How?  Did it feature Morris Dancing and Sword Dancing often a feature of these community festivals often resulting from the influx of new residents owing to the mines and other industrial developments in the Victoria era?

Left to right: ?? , ?? , ??, ?? , ??, Ivy Metcalf (later marrying Norman Cockburn and moving to live in Liverton Village), ? Butler, Betty Winspear.Thanks to John Garbutt and Derick Pearson for names and information.

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  • Derick Pearson

    Far right is Betty Winspear. I think this young lady died young of Lukemia?
    Third from right is Ivy Metcalf (married Norman Cockburn and went to live at Liverton Village)3rd from left definitely Carveth and second from right possibly a Butler. I thought possibly 4th from right was a Cornforth? Hope someone can confirm these.

  • jan snaith(nee Carveth)

    I don’t think this is Jen or I (Carveth)

  • Derick Pearson

    The Carveth I suggested 3rd from right was not, as Jan correctly says either her or Jen but an older girl who I believe went to whitby area to live for some years. She them came back to Carlin How some years ago. She was a very tall dark girl and came to live back at Railway cottages or somewhere there. She was much older than the two “Jan and Jen” which I thought were twins perhaps. Please correct me if I am wrong. I thought Mr Carveth off Brotton road brought her up.She may well not have been named Carveth but I am sure she lived there. She would be 70 plus if still alive. Mr Carveth did bring up another Girl Christine as well if I remember correctly, I am sure she would know who this was.

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