Carlin How from the Air

This aerial view of  Carlin How shows passing United buses in the square in the late 1960s and prior to the new road system.

Derick Pearson tells us of happy memories of this area: ”The old Air Raid shelters on the common where the Tivoli Theatre stood many years before hand. We used to play on the roofs of these as children. The telephone box on the extreme left near the rear of Porritts shop where we used to get our Paraffin. We could stand here near the Toilets and see the bus coming from Loftus and then run into the square to catch it as it came up the bank from the old lazy S bend road bridge. The Houses in the center island between the Skinningrove and Loftus road which belonged to Cunnington in my Childhood days. Note also the grass area in front of the houses in Stevenson Street, no fenced off gardens then. Note also behind Front street the houses of Lax Street, all moved long before the new road was built. The School and Playfield. The bus stands were bustling most of the day as the shifts changed on the works. So many memories from a small area.”

Image courtesy of Carlin How Community Centre; many thanks to Derick Pearson for the commentary of this now vanished scene.

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  • Stephen Thornton

    Thanks for a great description Derick, it conjures up many happy memories. What was the building to the left of the Maynard Arms, siding on to Chappies Bank? Have you seen any photos of the Air Raid shelters at the top of Queen Street? Same concrete roofs as these, ideal for playing on.

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