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Were You In This Class?

Were You In This Class?

The class of 1975/6 it is believed.

Back row: 1. Belinda Gillance 2. David Allison 3. John Hamilton 4. Mark Smith 5. Jason Williams 6. Christopher Barrett 7. Richard Mann 8. Gary Pursley 9. Ian Drury 10. Richard Eltherington 11. Paula Crossland

Middle row: 1. Lynne Patterson 2. Tracy Battersbea 3. Lesley Forrest 4. Rebecca Lodge 5. Susan Theobald 6. Maxine Wheatley 7. Michelle Gray 8. Gail Dawson 9. Rosemary Stone 10. Louise Ditchburn 11. Angela Robson 12. Alison Rowe 13. Andrea Parker.

Front row: 1. Jeff Allinson 2. Mark Nicholson 3. Peter Stevenson 4. Ian Collinson 5. Roy Dickinson 6. Martin Cockburn 7. Michael Garbutt 8. John Aitken 9. Neil Middlemass 10. James Dobson 11. Andrew Ward.

Image courtesy of Marion Toulson. Thanks to Jeff Allinson for update on the names and possible date, as well as Tom Webster, Michael Garbutt and John Aitken for other missing names.

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  • Jeff Allinson

    Front row no’ 5. looks like Roy Dickinson, Middle row no’ 12 is Andrea Parker I think, Middle Row 1. is Lynne Patterson I believe, Middle Row no’ 8. is Gail Dawson, Middle Row 11. is Angela Robson I think. And the year is approximately 1975-1976

  • Tom Webster

    The missing names are:-
    Back Row 1 = Belinda Gillance 10 = Richard Eltherington.
    Middle Row 4 = Rebecca Lodge?? 6 = Maxine Wheatley,10 = Louise Ditchburn, 12 is actually Alison Rowe, and 13 = Andrea Parker.
    Front Row 8 = John Aitken, 11 = Unknown, could be Martin Hamps ???

  • Mike Garbutt

    Hi All, wow haven’t seen this photo in a while.
    I think Middle row 10.Louise Ditchburn. Front Row No.7 confirmed me and mystery No.11 is a good friend of mine Andrew Ward. He emigrated to south africa a few years after this was taken, and only a few months ago contacted me again through facebook. He is still there with a grown up family, but came back recently for a visit.Just to clear up, No.4 middle row is definitely Rebecca Lodge, who, when I last heard was living down in Portsmouth, Hampshire with her own family.

  • Richard Eltherington

    Hi all,
    Memory lane or what?? Hope your all ok. I’m living down under in New Zealand.

  • John Aitken

    I’m living down not so far under in Perth Western Australia, that poor cold frightened looking kid bottom row 8 is definitely me!

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