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Mrs Leybourne, Michael Tyerman And?

Mrs Leybourne, Michael Tyerman And?

Back Row: Mrs Leybourne, Trevor Himsworth, Mike Allison, Mike Tyreman, Gary Yarker, Colin Taylor, Neil Colbeck, Sean Gray, Paul Easton, Steve Wilson
Middle row, Keith Lindsey, Carol White, Jennifer Dickenson, Deborah Shaw, Susan Cook, Paula Sawdon, Dawn Jefferson, Tracy Roberts, Tracey Stewart.

Front row: Susan Stevenson, Judith Buxton, Lesley Hall, Rob Wallace, Graham Craggs, Jennie Collins, Carol Grey, Jackie Beatie, Catherine Robinson.
Sittingat front: Neil Bint, Richard Kemp, Ian Bowers, Kevin Patton, Mike Richardson.

Image courtesy of Marion Toulson; with thanks to Craig Urban, Catherine Robinson and Tracy Stewart for the updates.

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