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The Brown Cow, Hinderwell

The Brown Cow, Hinderwell

The other primary ”place of refreshment” on Hinderwell High Street was the Brown Cow sited some 80 yards furth south in Hinderwell. Eric Swain whose name appears as licensee on the board above the door was minehost for many years.

John Jefferson was the innkeeper in the early 1860’s (Jefferson female side family name of the Tyermans of Pond Farm and Holme Farm). Elizabeth Seymour late of High Street and The Warren , Hinderwell; daughter of Joseph Henry Tyerman (Senior) also ran the Brown Cow.

Image courtesy of Maurice Grayson and thanks to Elaine Meadows (nee Tyerman) for the update.

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  • Glen Bennett

    My grandmother Mary Elders was from a Whitby family, whilst tracing her family tree I found my great, great, great grandfather John Featherstone; he was landlord of the Brown Cow in the 1881 and 1891 census. Been there for a pub lunch and pint today.

  • Jackie Rushton

    My 4th Great Grandfather William Smallwood 1781-1870 was also a landlord of the Brown Cow Hinderwell in the 1820’s, he was also the Smith of Hinderwell.

  • Kathrine Gray

    My grandfather Harry Shaw was born in the Brown Cow in 1910. At the time they had a house keeper, there was a brother called Raymond and two sisters, Doris and Mabel.

  • Ann Newcombe

    My great aunt Ellen Ann Boyes was married to a John Featherstone in 1932. He was a policeman at Barnby on his death in 1943. She moved into the Brown Cow to look after John Feathstones son ( I understand from his first marriage)as his housekeeper, who was landlord at that time. Any information would be a bonus!!

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