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Lingdale Silver Band Parade

Lingdale Silver Band Parade

Who was in this band where were they and what date is it? Derick Pearson tells us: ”This photo was taken in the 1930s and was taken from the upstairs window of what is now the post office on the high Street coming toward the Lingdale Tavern. The field on the right with the buildings in it belonged to my grandmother in those days and the buildings remained for many years.”

Image courtesy of Mike Holliday, many thanks to Derick and Derek for the updates.

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  • Roy Jacklin

    I was born in Lingdale at 10 High St in Dec 1933. The end house shown was No 2. I don’t remember the buildings in the position shown but remember buildings somewhere in the location where the two bungalows now stand. These are at the lower end of the field The buildings shown must have been demolished around mid 30′s . Meadowdale Court was built years later in the rest of the field. There was a brick air raid shelter just inside the field and to the right of the gate. Mr George Barker owned the butchers shop opposite the field gate and next door was the taxi service owned by Mr George Wedgewood.

  • Derek Dobson

    Takes me back band walking up High St., followed by BILLY? pretending to clash cymbals. When I was a kid, band was brought up and nourished by FRED RAMAGE very competent master, well respected gentleman, it brought a heavy sense of loss on the village when he died; his son was always known to us lads as “Fred”.

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