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Hummersea Farm

Hummersea Farm

I bet this was quite a classy photograph when it was new, before age faded the image somewhat.

Hummersea Farm was originally built for the Manager of the Alum quarries and works, the farm house being built to the right in an ’L’ shape layout. Elsie Hart was brought up on this farm. Thanks to Ray Harrison (son of Elsie Hart) for the update.

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    This view was taken from the garden at Hummersea. Anyone walking past the farmhouse would not even be aware this garden was there.
    I’m presuming the Elsie Hart that is mentioned is the mother of Ada and Tommy Hart who owned the farm when I lived at Seaview in the 1970′s. Seaview was the bottom part of the ‘L’ which looks out over the farmyard and out toward the sea over Hummersea Cliffs. The upright part of the ‘l’ runs back from Seaview into the hillside and as such is very sheltered from the elements – this is the part I knew as Hummersea Farm and where Ada & Tommy lived. The only views from this building were from the upstairs windows you can see in the photographs – these look toward The Warren and the old alum workings which are further on.
    At the time I lived there Ada & Tommy owned the two cottages known as The Warren. They were ultimately sold to a local doctor (Guy Etches) who has made a fine home from the two cottages. Tommy Hart sold them cheaply to Guy in exchange for Guy arranging for Tommy’s hip replacement operation. At the time I lived at Seaview, Guy rented one of the Warren cottages and relatives of the people I was living with rented the other one. The views north from the Warren north past Skinningrove Pier and on toward Redcar are stunning.
    They were strange times when I lived there but time has softened the edges of some of the more unpleasant memories from my time there. Nice to see this old photo.

  • Karen

    My father and grandparents used to camp on the farm when it was owned by a Mr Tom Hart – must have been in the 1930s. I have a photo of Mr Hart.

  • Vince Brown

    Re Elsie Hart.
    Elsie Hart was Tommy Harts sister her mother was Mary Jackson (b1876 Brotton) her father Thomas Hart (b1872 Ugthorpe) Married (1902) Other children were Mary, Annie and Hilda.
    My grandmother was a hart from Ugthorpe.Vince Brown.

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