Redcar In Wartime

Redcar In Wartime

How awful to see Redcar like this, must really have imprinted on the mind.

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  • Jean Opie

    This postcard is interesting to me because my father was posted here during WW2 and used to patrol the beach. He was not in the Home Guard but the regular army, placed on light duties due to lack of fitness for frontline work. Does anyone have any photographs of the soldiers who partolled Redcar Beach at this time?

    Alternatively, does anyone have any information regarding the defence of Recar Beach & the use of the Stray Cafe as an ammunition store at this time?


    My grandad was in the Redcar Home Guard they were North Riding of Yorkshire (NRY) 4th Battalion the Green Howards; they would have patrolled Redcar and the steel works on a night and would have done their regular jobs during the day; my grandad being a steel worker. There are many pill boxes from the war around the South Gare area near the steel works and not far from where this photo was taken. I do know the sea front looked the same till the end of the forties, until all the barbed wire and tank traps had been removed. Some tank traps can still be seen in Warrenby on Google Street View, I also know Redcar Libray has photos and information regarding the defence of Redcar which I still have to investigate. What unit was your father attached to? The Green Howards headquarters were at Kirkleathem Hall at the top of Redcar where the main road comes in.

  • Dave, my father was 4th Batt Green Howards too 1939-45

  • Richard Webster

    My dad was in the RAF and was billeted with a local redcar family early in the war, sadly no longer with us so no information regarding the name of the family who took him in. His name was Albert Webster and was an armourer, first on spitfires then Lancaster’s, serving around UK, Palestine and Egypt.

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