Liverton Gardens (Liverton Mill), Liverton

Liverton Gardens (Liverton Mill), Liverton

This is a well-balanced photograph (probably a picture postcard) of Liverton Gardens, in the valley between Liverton and Moorsholm. It was a market garden, you can see the glass-house middle-left of the image. The house visible in the picture is a semi-detched residence, each ”semi” being a mirror-image of the other. Rodney Begg tells us: ”My wife and her brother were born here in the ’50s and they lived a while here with their Grand-parents before moving to Doddercar cottages.”
Thanks to Rodney for that update.

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  • Stan Glover

    The houses are called Ponoma Villa (right hand side looking at picture), and Ponoma Cottage. The Shaw brothers Harry (Ponoma cottage) and Ces (Liverton Mill)lived in the houses. We rented Ponoma Villa mid 1950′s to 1970′s. The refernce to Shaw’s falls re the waterfall reflected that the land was owned by Ces.

  • Ann Jackson

    I remember Harry Shaw he used to come to Moorsholm with his horse and cart.

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