All Present.

Those students present for this photograph are given as:

Back row: Michael Rowan, David Hemsworth, Peter Lund, Ian Liddle,  David ?.
Front row: Fiona Pealing, Marion Weir, Valerie Crooks, Peter Limon (Tutor), David Shields, Gillian Severs, Marilyn Madden.
Image and names courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor and thanks to John Howarth for the name update.

2 comments to All Present.


    David Hemsworth is second left at the back. I went to college with him (North Riding College, Scarborough). Does anyone know what became of him please? John D. Howarth (Chairman, North Riding College Former Students’ Association)


    Sadly David Hemsworth passed away on March 20th 2019, aged sixty-five. I had not seen him for many years, but he had been living at an address in Guisborough since approximately 1993.

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