Were You At Prior Pursglove?

Quite a large group here and the names are:
Back row: ‘Chubb Riches, Peter Jackson, Roy Lucas, Frank Wetherall, Mr Noble, Vaughan Dexter, Mr Thompson, Gilbert Cain, Mr Lynch, Ernest Bradford, Shaun King.
Middle row: Mr Wainwright, Keith Mitchell, Peter Limon, David Myers, Michael Gee, Mr Moran, Mr Pierson, Mark Penty, Michael Tailby, Carl Dunn, Alec Jenkins, Ronald Rudd, Mr Gibben.
Front Row: Mrs Susan Brown, Mrs Josie Etches, Miss Brown, Mrs Farrington, Geoffrey Farrington, Mr Windass, Miss Jean Stafford, Mr W.P. Cooper, Mrs Heal, Mrs Brown, Mrs Getters.

Image and names courtesy of Elizabeth Mellor, thanks to Bob Doe for pointing out our mistake and Susan Brown for the confirmation. Thanks to Robert Banfield for pointing out our mistakes.

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